This is just another one of those things I can’t tell whether they’re Freak-Out Friday worthy or Mash-Up Monday worthy.

Then again, this is a mash-up of Panic Puppet of Sonic 3D Blast fame and the theme of Bill Nye the Science Guy, put together by Rushnerd… And I mean Jun Senoue’s Panic Puppet from the Genesis version (then used for Twinkle Cart in Sonic Adventure), mind you.

Oh, and it’s not just Bill Nye’s theme, but it also uses clips from the show itself as well!

…you know what? Monday it is! Here you go, some science-y stuff to start la semaine because why not?


Hadn’t had one of these on the front page in a while… Welcome back, Mash-Up Mondays! Special thanks to AcidGamer64 on the SSMB for the heads-up!

If you want to see one of your own creations on the front page, or if you found one you’d like to share, you know the drill! is where to send your stuff!

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18 Responses to Mash-Up Monday: Bill Nye Panic Zone

  1. Crazee (@Crazizzle) says:

    Heh, Colin Mochrie cameo in the hot air balloon. I didn’t expect that.

  2. Now I’m going to have the word: “Bill” going through my head every time I hear the Twinkle Cart theme!

  3. Bill Nye the Puppet Panic Guy!

  4. Am I high? Because listening to this video, I seriously think I am…

    • That is exactly what I was asking myself. This is an odd mixup, it is like eating peanut butter with barbecue chips at the same time.

  5. I lost it at Colin Mochrie in the Bill Balloon

  6. Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!

    Bill Nye the Science Guy! 😀

  7. Very awesome!

  8. and it was good haha

  9. bmhedgehog says:

    Bill Nye says: “Do a Barrel Roll!”

  10. superspindasher1991 says:

    lol didn’t know the Sonic Stadium liked YTPMVs

  11. Hahahaha I can’t take it.

  12. AcidGamer64 says:

    I saved Mash up Mondays!

  13. needsemail1 says:

    Who was that guy at the end?