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UPDATE: We’ve heard that the free version doesn’t come with achievements, only the paid version does.

Own a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 7 & 8 and love Sonic? Well, the recent upgrade of the Mega CD classic Sonic CD is now free to download. Yes, it is F R E E FREE of charge. New features include 16:9 widescreen, achievements, leaderboards and both the US and Japanese soundtracks.

You can download the game from your Nokia Lumia phone here.

Source: OzBargain

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12 Responses to Sonic CD Now Free to Download for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 7 & 8

  1. Awesome! It’s not showing up on the app store yet, but when it does, i’ll be on it!

  2. I’m so jealous.

    • Jeffery Mass says:

      ‘Cause Windows Phone doesn’t two thirds of the Sonic games that were released on iOS n’ Android? Come on, give WinPhone Sometime to shine.

  3. ClockedGenerations(Almost) says:

    It IS on the app store, but it costs moneys…

  4. You may want to edit it, there is no achievements on this

  5. SolidSonicTH says:

    Some guy gave the game one star and said “No achievements = no point”.

    I can’t express my disgust adequately.

  6. olderthansonic says:

    Any chance of this coming to other Windows Phones (i.e. HTC 8X)? Only the paid version available at the moment :(

    • Yeah I feel the same way. I have the old HTC HD7… I want the game!!! Although I already have it on my 360 and iPad already lol.

      • olderthansonic says:

        Yeah, I own a few copies. Which is why I don’t want to pay another £4 for a version I may not play that much. Drop it to 79p or maybe even £1.49 and I’d be happy.
        Good choice with the HD7 by the way, I had that phone for a while and was very pleased with it. Always good to see a fellow WP user :)