Back in June last year, we were able to reveal that the statue/figure maker Funko would be releasing a series of Sonic figures based on their ‘POP’ range. Since then there hasn’t been much word on the figures. However, that changed today when Funko showed off their Sonic range at the NY Toy Fair today.


The set only includes Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, before you say ‘why do they look so strange?’ This is down to Funko, they do that to all their figures in order to give them a unique look.

No release date or price has been given yet. But expect them to be hitting stores at some point this year. So, anybody going to get them? Or buy me a set… I kinda like them.


We’ll be following the news from NY Toy Fair as several toy companies which have the Sonic license are said to be showing new toys this week. Stick to TSS for updates as we get them.

Oh, and if we get clearer photos of these or any of the Sonic toys at NYTF, we will most certainly put them on here. Also if anyone is at the toy fair, feel free to send us any photos or news tips atΒ


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50 Responses to Funko Shows off New Sonic Vinyl Figures

  1. Pfft forget the Sonic ones. BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD !! I’d rather get them ones XD

  2. Those things scare the fuck out of me with the eyes. BURN IT. IT IS EVIL.

  3. god why is this so CUTE


  4. Why do Knuckles and Tails have regular eyes but Sonic has “angry” eyes?

  5. SanicGenerashuns says:

    Ahh you guys. Ignoring the big rumor regarding the GoNintendo tease and SA3. Typical.

    • Would that be the big rumor in which the entire article is because some random guy who runs a nintendo fan site posted a tweet saying he was made aware of SA3? Yeah we actually did hear about this… it took less than 5 min to discover this was most likely a hoax.

      The bloke who everybody is quoting happens to have a terrible track record of predicting things and quite often gets it wrong.

      • Jeeze hog father how dare u not post things about rumors that have been proven wrong :p

        Could you imagine this site if you posted every rumor. There would be tons of people screaming sonic adventure 3!!!

    • Sonicrush1991 says:

      Hands folded, knees bowed

  6. Is it wrong I noticed the chibi Master Chief and sort of went “aw” instead of with the Sonic figurines? XD

  7. Awww I want one so badly!!
    They even do SpongeBob ones πŸ˜€

  8. Mandobardanjusik says:

    The horror, the horror

  9. Maybe a company will show off Sonic toys for an upcoming game like one of them did last year… ooooooh. Hehehehehe! πŸ˜€

  10. For some reason… im reminded of invader zim…

  11. ChaosPoochyena24 says:

    They’re so creepy… Why do a lot of Sonic toys suck? :/

  12. sanics eyez rnt green

    rooend 4evur


    In all seriousness, these figures look pretty sweet. Though, am I the only one waiting for more figures to come from the Nendoroid line? A Tails Nendoroid would be pretty kickass, in my opinion.

  13. I noticed the Knuckles and Tails ones and immediately said “Awwwweeeee they’re so cute!”
    Then I saw the Sonic one….
    Dem eyes…….He looks so evil. Kinda scary :/

  14. Hifihedgehog says:

    These look more like LittleBigPlanet rip-offs, or a ghoulish Tails doll and friends assortment, not Sonic the Hedgehog.

  15. they look so awesome im so getting myself some of those πŸ˜€ i already have the batman and the walking dead ones πŸ˜€


  16. these will forever haunt my dreams

  17. Sonicrush1991 says:

    Just like the heart of Hades…it’s so cute but it comes with a price. MAKING NINTENDO REFERENCES IS NOT FUNNY

  18. TheBlackHoodedGamer says:

    Sonic’s eyes… o_o The cute lil’ guy looks like he wants to mangle some Eggman.

  19. OMG! I have heaps of these figures (Including Bart Simpson, Joker ETC) and these look awesome! Defs picking them up!

  20. halo and sonic ones all the way

  21. I like how Sonic’s Box # is 06 lol

  22. Interesting figures, I don’t know if I would buy one.

  23. OMG! First the MLP Vinyls and now THESE!?!? *squees all over the place*

  24. Now all we need is Sonic Lego!

  25. BakingBluePotatoe says:

    When I first saw the concepts I was like “GAH! UGLY!”

    Now I see Tails and Knux and I’m like “d’aaaw!”

    and I see Sonic and I’m like “Uh…”


    i mean

    i kinda want one of those sonic ones, but they look evil and all so ehhh dunno if it would start to creep me out or not (that tails one is clearly the tails doll guys look out)

  27. Sonic looks possessed lol

  28. Hey post something about the SEGA Note PCs!!

  29. Jeffery Mass says:

    Why do i roll my eyes 1080 degrees whenever i see Sonic Stadium posting about “insert random obscure toy making company here” making random obscure Sonic toys that very few people are actually gonna end up buying. ;o;

    • You obviously have no idea just how much Sonic merch sells do you?

      Sonic Merchandise is incredibly popular. It sells like crazy, heck this post about just these has way above the adverage replies.

      Also, is it not a tad oxymoronic to complain about reporting on things that ‘very few people will buy’ then imediately after beg us to ‘fuckin’ make a post about sega branded laptops that very few people are going to buy?

      • Jeffery Mass says:

        Yeah but it’s much more interesting. Sega stopped making consoles a long time ago and them partnering with whoever (can’t recall their name) is alot more interesting than the toys and and/or action figures that we already know Sega makes tons of.
        Also, apologies for the underestimations i did since I’ve never been a collector myself.

  30. Jeffery Mass says:

    Also.. Fuckin’, make a post about this ?
    Somewhat over-priced (?) yet very decent laptops and they are Sega branded.

  31. Creepy and ugly

  32. They look so creepy…
    I want them! πŸ˜€

  33. *squeel* I WANT ONE!!!

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