So this was a bit of a surprise, last year Pix ‘N Love released the awesome ‘The History of Sonic the Hedgehog’ book. An English translation was promised and released a few weeks ago in the US and the UK by Udon Entertainment. When asked if there would be a Collectors Edition of the book in English, Ash Paulsen (Udon Entertainment’s associate editor) said that there would be just the one standard edition.

However, last night Pix ‘N Love announced that there would be a Collectors Edition and that it’s available to order, right now! Over at the Pix ‘N Love website, they’re now taking orders for ‘The History of Sonic the Hedgehog Collectors Edition’. The price tag is £29.99 and there’s also a £6 charge for shipping.

According to the official Pix ‘N Love newsletter, the Collectors Edition is limited to 1,000 copies, comes with an alternative cover and is individually numbered. As for content, it appears to be exactly the same as the standard edition.

So if you’ve not yet picked up a copy and fancy the C.E. Head over to Pix ‘N Love’s website and put an order down.


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43 Responses to The History of Sonic the Hedgehog Book gets a Collectors Edition

  1. You know, just after we’ve already bought the regular version and all. D:

    • *joins the club* Ordered the standard version the moment it went on Amazon, would have ordered this one had I known it was planned.

      • *gets brownies ready for more members*
        Y’know, it would’ve been REAL nice to know that, for our trouble for having to wait so damn long that those who pre-ordered would get the collector’s edition. *sighs & noms brownie* It was bad enough that I had paid for the thing since last August for it to come out in Ocotber, only for it to get delayed to January 2013, but now this!? Dude, not cool. Not cool at all.

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  3. RabidNoodles says:

    You fooking kidding me?

    That’s a dick move. Oh well, not wasting more money on it.

  4. need this book no fan of sonic is complete

  5. Can folks in the US order this?

  6. sonicspeedway says:

    @Shteev, I’m in US and just placed an order, so I’m guessing yes. They accept paypal as well.

  7. I’ll just get the standard edition since there’s no significant difference.

  8. I don’t see the point in getting this at all, collector edition or standard. Any Sonic fan worth his or her salt already knows how Sonic came to be, and probably already has at least one medium depicting how they created Sonic. I can just picture myself getting this book, sitting down, flipping through it once and saying, “Well, I learned nothing”.

    I didn’t buy the first edition, and I’m not buying this once unless I find it in a store near me by chance, at a semi-decent price. This is just another cash-grab for a book you’ll only visit once, or twice if you need something to read in the bathroom.

  9. Heeee~ I didn’t rush to get the standard edition. Ordered this one now.

  10. What are the differences in the editions?

  11. Sweet didn’t order before Christmas snapped this up now 😀

  12. Or@ngeHedgehog says:

    Uhhhhhh……so how can it be a collectors edition if the contents is the same? with the addition of them being individually numbered and with a different cover. Why not include a collectors coin for the fans to sink their teeth into! C=

  13. Ash Paulsen says:

    Hi all, Ash from UDON here. My apologies to those of you affected by my saying that there would not be a U.S. collector’s edition. At the time I was asked that question on this site, we had not yet made that decision, so I really did not know that there would be one. That said, one of the reasons I did not know is because it is only available from Pix ‘n Love, not from UDON itself.

    The good news is there are no content differences between the standard and collector’s editions — the only differences between the two are the aforementioned cover and numbering (and to be honest, I kind of prefer the standard edition cover anyway!). Everything else is the same as the standard edition.

    For the rest of you, I truly hope you’re enjoying the book, no matter what edition you got! We at UDON are very proud of it and I’m personally honored as a Sonic fan that I was able to help make this contribution to the Sonic franchise and fanbase.

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  15. yes! something to update the thread with

  16. Jix Hedgehog says:

    Eh.. pass. Loving the regular edition thou

    I’ll probably get to see it at the Udon booth @ Comic-Con this year

  17. Patrick The Hedgehog says:

    Awesome. I was holding out for the price to drop on Amazon for the regular edition, but it hasn’t so far. So I’ve gone for the collectors edition. I do like the original cover perhaps more, but it seems to make sense to invest in the collectors edition whilst I can and whilst I don’t own the original.

  18. GenesisPeriod says:

    well,i order the standard edition and just arrived at last Friday,i think i gonna pass the fancy edition. ,-)

  19. Wow, how ironic. I literally got mine in the mail from Amazon yesterday.

  20. I ordered the standard addition and it arrived yesterday. It’s such a great book! I got the GamesMaster Sonic 20th Anniversary magazine two years ago so I knew a bit about Sonic’s history, but this book has so much more detail!

  21. Seriously? I got regular version weeks ago, they just NOW announced this? This company seems really incompetent. Or just greedy. Or both.

  22. TheSonicdude97 says:

    Yeahhh…. I have no money.

  23. The cover for the standard edition is better I think.

  24. Yeah, I doubt this is very different from the standard edition.

  25. If this is intricately done in deep detail just like your Valkyria Chronicles book, then I will dive in happily!

    Btw, I have a question @ Ash Paulsen: My Valkyria Chronicles 3 UDON book keeps being delayed by Amazon UK…any news on when it’ll be released?

    • **I forgot to add order, sorry!

    • Ash Paulsen says:

      We’re looking at a February release for the Valkyrie Chronicles 3 book. So… very soon! I’m not sure exactly when in February as issues can pop up in the printing and shipping processes that can throw release schedules off, but the book is planned for a February release.

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  27. …Y’know, I’m kinda glad I cancelled my Amazon order, looks like my patience has paid off. =P

  28. SonikkuHedgehog says:

    I just have to get this.

  29. I don’t really see the need to get the “Collector’s Edition” if there isn’t any more content. It’s just a fancy cover.

  30. TheUltimateBlueBlur says:

    Just ordered this, can’t wait for this book.

  31. I sent Pix’n Love an e-mail about 5-7 months ago and they told me in a response that they would have a collector’s edition.

  32. I want this book! Yes!

  33. Mine just arrived!

  34. So… How much would this cost in American Dollars? Kinda interested!

  35. Happy to hear that (although Amazon delayed again…which is strange even for them.

    Would you guys consider making other SEGA Art Books in the near future? I loved your Valkyria Chronicles Book (and soon the Sonic one). Would be awesome if you had something for Panzer Dragoon.

  36. I just ordered myself one! Can’t wait to get it!