Sega have announced a new deal with toy manufacturer Sambro International. The deal allows Sambro to produce a series of new Sonic board games, travel games and jigsaw puzzles as well as ‘action games.’

What do they define as ‘action games’ you might ask? Well according to the press release, this includes Pinball, Four in a Row (Connect 4), Fire Balls, Air Hockey, Rapid Fire and Magnetic Scribblers.

The first set of products is due for release in 2013 in the UK, Eire and Channel Island regions and will be priced between £1.99 and £7.99.

Sissel Henno, head of brand licensing at Sega Europe had this to say on the deal:

“As one of the leading UK licensees we are looking forward to working with Sambro to develop a varied and exciting range of puzzles and games for Sonic. As a videogames character, there is natural synergy with the type of fun action games that Sambro is known for. We really look forward to the launch of the first products later this year.”

And Sambro sounded rather pleased with the partnership too, here’s what Nikki Samuels, managing director of Sambro had to say on the subject:

“Sambro is really excited to work with Sega for Sonic on a range of puzzles and games.”

So if you enjoy collecting Sonic merch, it sounds like your wallet is going to go through a lot this year. Anyone here fancy a game of pinball? Hmmm… what? What are you looking at me like that for *looks at the topic title* Ohhhh… Oh! Oh I bet I can guess what some of you thought!


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30 Responses to New Sonic Games Announced… Board Games that is!

  1. P.S. Jumanji Sonic is not one of the games being made, nor does it exist. But good golly how I want it to!

  2. Robot Hobo 64 says:

    “Fire Balls” I have never heard of a board game like that. Is it a game starring Blaze the Cat shooting fireballs at the other players?

  3. Matriculated says:


    My face when seeing this appear in my RSS feed

  4. Sonictrainer says:

    Sonic Version of Connect 4?

    I’ll buy it.

  5. sonicriders02 says:

    Sonic Spinball………….4 REAL!! :OOOOOOOOOO

  6. Silver’s Ball Puzzle…………………………….*pft*

  7. you know what would be funny? SEGA releasing a board game called: Sonic Adventure 3!
    SEGA would be like: “There you got your SA3! Not what you expected? That’s all you are getting!”

    • Shadowbane2009 says:

      agreed…we’ll let that Ben Kalough er doppleganger In Antartica guy be in charge of it =D

  8. When I read the title, I was STEAMED. XD
    Good thing they’ll announce a new Sonic title soon, otherwise I would’ve sued you guys. (Just kidding :) )

  9. I guess we won’t be… bored 😉
    I’m here all week

  10. Now Air Hockey seems fun, but all of my money on a pinball game named Sonic Spinball. Never really heard of the games Fire Balls, Rapid Fire and Magnetic Scribblers but it does sound fun.

  11. BlueStreak62391 says:

    Any chance of them crossing the pond to North America?

  12. SonikkuHedgehog says:

    Enough with the trolling titles..

  13. How much disappointments…

  14. This gets me…every time I check back D:

    You are a cruel Hogfather…

  15. Guys, guess what.

    It’s Sonic Adventure 3.


  16. I would get a Sonic board game.

  17. Edward Thorpe says:

    Awww, weres todays Freak Out?

  18. Yay! cant wait to spend more money!

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