Over at the Sega forums, Sumo Digital’s Steve Lycett dropped a big hint with regards to possible DLC for Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed. When asked if there was anything related to DLC that could be revealed he replied with this,

Actually… We got approval for a specific character this morning. But that’s all I can say right now… 😛

Well that’s certainly an interesting development since there hasn’t been any word of DLC or new content outside of the PC exclusive content. You may remember the character pol which got a lot of attention last year. Have the results of that been given the green light? Or are we going to get an even bigger surprise?

Source: Sega Forums (thanks to SSMB member Mandobardanjusik for bringing this to my attention).

So… lets have some fun. You get one serious guess and a wildcard guess. 10 points if you’re right. Ready? Go!


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88 Responses to New DLC Characters Coming to ASRT?

  1. Ryo Hazuki I bet

  2. Main guess: Ryo

    Wildcard: Time Gal or the guy with the crazy glasses from Quiz Scramble.

    …. I had to cheat.

  3. Serious guess: I’d go with Vectorman, just thinking back to the poll where he received a LOT of support.

    Wildcard guess: John Cena to promote WrestleMania 29. Your time is up. My time is now. You can’t see me.

  4. Wreck-It Ralph says:

    I’m guessing it’s Ryo too. Second guess would be Ristar, considering they had been toying around with that before release, and a lot of people requested him too.

  5. I’d die if it was (the blatantly-never-going-to-happen) Earthworm Jim.

  6. Sonicrush1991 says:

    And on tht day the fans said, hey! SEGA’s not being lazy!

    • the dark hero says:

      Of course you’re not being lazy they are just being wise with your money you give them because they are not in the greatest of places right now

  7. …oh?



  8. DreamcasterDC says:

    Main: Ryo Hazuki (PLEASE BE TRUE </3)

    Wildcard: Rag Rappy. Hey, I can dream, right?

  9. i hope not that crap music anime.

    • DreamcasterDC says:

      Likewise. I don’t even know why she was a selection in that poll.

      It’s probably one of the worst animes of this generation. (Tatsunoko and other 70’s and 80’s animes FTW)

      • Mandobardanjusik says:

        it was in fact because of an error. during the organizing they were under the false impression that she was created by sega, it was pointed out to be false shortly after the beginning of the competition, after it was shown that sega just made the game. However due to the fact that Miku fans would proably try to destroy the Sega forums if she was removed, they left her in, despite the violation

        • DreamcasterDC says:

          That just proves how corrupted a large portion of the modern-day anime fanbase act these days, similarly to how the Sonic fanbase is. It’s truly a shame. Thanks for clearing that up, though.

          • No, it wasn’t down to an error. Hatsune Miku Project Diva is a SEGA franchise, so there was no legitimate reason to remove its main character from the poll.

            It’s true there would have been an uproar if she were removed, but that is only because doing so would have been biased and wrong. Any group of fans would rightfully be angry if the character they voted for was unfairly disqualified, so you can’t really call people corrupt because of it.

            Besides, that’s irrelevant since the poll is already done with. Here’s to hoping she was the one that was approved today 😀

          • SSJSonicXX14 says:

            By that justification Iron Man and Micheal Jackson should have been in the poll because they were in SEGA created gaming franchises even though they had nothing to do with creating the characters.

            Corrupt is the right term because you (if this doesn’t refer to you personally then I’m referring to fans of this character in general) refuse to accept how little merit the dime a dozen character actually has and you’re mind can’t accept that grown socially adjusted adults find it creepy that you latch unto a pre-teen animated girl who wears fetish outfits… that’s the very definition by being corrupted
            “if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”

      • the dark hero says:

        She does not even have an anime. She is used to promote Vocal synchronize software to make yourself sound like a completely different person. And she demonstrates that buys singing even actually appearing on stage as a 3D realistic hologram created by Sega of Japan

    • Just putting this out there, Hatsune Miku isn’t from any anime. D:

  10. Mandobardanjusik says:

    I am Hoping for Vectorman!…. and I still have a small, but unlikely hope for Sketch Turner, and Fang/Nack(he was second runner up, right behind billy, but still to low because of the short amount of time he had :( ).

    and boy am I glad I asked S0L if there was any progress on the DLC, now.
    also, I still have high doubts for Ryo, and little want for him either

  11. I would kill for any panzef dragoon characters

  12. Seriously, no body have see they have this approuval just during the marketing program of Crypton for Project Diva F.
    Hatsune Miku is 2nd in the ranking.
    So, for me, it’s the best choice.

  13. Caleb Adventure says:

    SEGATA SANSHIRO YOU PLAY SEGA SATURN! seriously though if that’s the character I will die of happiness

  14. Lee Seymour says:

    Lol id laugh if it was a Xenomorph from the Aliens game driving the power loader haha

    • Omg, I posted on MiiVerse that I wanted xenomorphs in the game, since sega publish the alien games. I would be over the moon like, having them as racers would be the silly sega norm. Allstar move could be facehuggers blocking opponents views of the screen.

  15. Please be bayonetta, please be bayonetta, please be bayonetta….

  16. I hope it is Vectorman, though Ryo would not be so bad.

  17. They should make a patch to repair the numerous freeze of Wii U version instead.

  18. For the love of god please be Segata Sanshiro! It’s a long shot but a man can dream dammit!

  19. !!!!Batonetta!!!!!

  20. It would be weird to see that vocaloid chick make its way to the dlc when none of her games ever have come out in the west, it would alienated the average consumer over here, not to mention, a waste of character slot when you had other true sega characters in the poll. But thats just my opinion.

    Here’s hoping for ryo 😀

    • Technically not true, the iPhone one did make it out in the west, very under the radar tho. And far too expensive to boot. Also they didn’t mind alienating people with the Zombies from a Japan only release House of the Dead game in the previous All-Stars. Tho i guess most people would link them to House of the Dead regardless.

      I’m personally hoping for Ristar (even tho he’s flagman i know), or Nack the Weasel, its freekin high time Sega put him in something, and he already has an air-bike for petes sake.

  21. Main guess: Ryo
    Wildcard: Ristar

    Man i voted for ToeJam and Earl

  22. My main guess would be Ryo. He was in the last game, and I believe he was the most requested character from said game, so I don’t assume he’d be hard to get back in.

    My wildcard is a toss up between Segata and Ristar. Segata would pretty much be the greatest love letter to Sega fans ever, but god do I love Ristar.

  23. I reckon it would’ve been cool if each console got its own character DLC, uniquie to that console, so then the Wii U could get ‘Non-specific Figure’ as DLC, but I guess it’s about SEGA characters. So my guess is probably Ryo Hazuki, otherwise Segata Sanshiro, which is who I would’ve liked to be DLC!

  24. We Want Silver The Hedgehog on the DLC!!!!!!!!!

  25. Serious guess: Ryo. Too much support and too many assets already there from the last game for them not to put him in as DLC.
    Wildcard guess: The return of Big the Cat. Only he doesn’t have a car and just runs, swims, and floats with his umbrella/fishing pole ala Sonic Heroes. His all star move is hitting enemies with tears from being left out of Sonic’s birthday party.

  26. Capcom costing 15.99$

  27. sonic for the win says:

    hatsune miku or ristar in a car

  28. Serious: Maybe Silver probs yep, yeah
    Wildcard: Hey maybe earthworm jim 😀





  30. my guess is either ryo or vectorman being that ryo was in the last game and vectorman hasn’t been in an game since forever and this being an good way to get people into him again.
    wild card? I say bayonetta , if bayonetta had an dlc course it would be all around vigid and that place alone could have some intresting track ideas.

  31. Silver The hedgehog?

  32. I hope they release more than one eventually.

  33. Super Sonic 772 says:

    Well since they got approval for a specific character I’d say it is hatsune miku.
    Wildcard guess: ryo, since he’s popular.

    Random but anyone who has sonic rivals 1 or 2 are you willing to play wireless play with me I want those costumes if you help me I’ll help you!! Plz and thank you!!

  34. Dr Robotnik says:

    From non-sonic games I would like to see:

    Kid Chameleon
    Earthworm Jim
    Alex Stone or Blaze Fielding (Streets of rage)
    Cool Spot
    Wonder Boy

    From sonic games (come on it SONIC and sega!…)

    Blaze the Cat
    MAYBE ……Silver the Hedgehog

  35. FreeFlowieRolly says:

    I really hope that it’s Billy Hatcher, I freaking love that kid XD

  36. what i want is tikal

  37. RYOOOO

  38. I would like to see a character from Virtual On – Viper II is an obvious choice. I also think they should release the Dreamcast arcade port for download. Otherwise, the drinken master from Virtua Fighter would be fun.

  39. Who needs help with team sonic? anyone i’ve got some spots if you guys need help im on psn JeffGordon2

  40. Austin Luna says:

    @Tratos. SEGA’s already made the patch to the Wii U version of SAASRT. It was released some time after the game was released.

  41. There are three possibilities, Silver the Hedgehog, Ryo, and Ristar. My wildcard guess would have to be Mega Man because A. It’s his 25th birthday, and B. He and Sonic are going to meet each other in Archie Comics.

  42. I would actually be shocked if it doesnt turn out to be Billy Hatcher.

    I still cant figure why ASRT has tracks from the game and not Billy himself.

    • Sonicrush1991 says:

      I agree! When making a list of the characters that were announced for the game as they were announced I listed Billy there assuming it was an obvious choice…

  43. I’d love to see Billy Hatcher but Ryo seems more realistic.

  44. Edward Thorpe says:

    I hope they do early unlock DLC. (If you are some on like me. a person who finds it impossible to to win something on A-Class or S-Class then you will know why i like to early unlock DLC)

  45. GothicGamer93 says:

    Miku Hatsune

  46. SonikkuHedgehog says:

    I bet it’s Nack the Weasel

  47. the dark hero says:

    People you need to think about the 3 winners of the voting a few months ago.

    The winners were Hatsune Miku, the main character from Shenmue and Segato shiro? ( what’s the name of that guy who promoted to sync a Saturn?)

    since 1 was accepted it could be 1 of these 3 I hope it’s Miku!

    • Mandobardanjusik says:

      Actualy, it was really 7 winners, as S0L agreed to display them all.
      They were: Vectorman, Ristar, Toejam and earl(unlikly), Segata, Ryo, Bayonetta, and (blech) miku. the 2 runner ups were Billy Hatcher and Fang/Nack.

      Me I am still rooting for Fang, even if its unlikely.

      • the dark hero says:

        Come on what’s wrong with miku?! If you don’t like her voice and simply by the Vocaloid software and then you can alter her voice your voice and everyone else is a voice it’s pretty handy in case you need the software for the voice actors but can only use yourself as all of the guys and girls like me

  48. mario?

  49. SanicGenerashuns says:

    Sonic driving with his butt

  50. Sonicrush1991 says:

    Gordan Freeman… you know it won’t happen, but you know it should, if not, wake up and smell the ashes…

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  52. *Continues chanting “Ristar*

  53. Tyler Apparicio says:

    Main: Hatsune Miku because even she came in 2nd Japan can get interest with Hatsune Miku in the West.
    Wildcard: Bayonetta

  54. I would assume it to be Ryo.

    But an irrational part of me still hopes for TJ&E.

  55. FreedomRing says:

    I’m rooting either Nack or VectorMan. It’s about time Nack makes his epic return to the series, and VectorMan gets a comeback as well.

  56. Sonic The Hedgehog says:

    Vectorman or Toejam & Earl! or….MARIO! Lol I f that really happened! XD

  57. Lee crathorne says:

    I don’t care as long as it was ANY sonic character

  58. silver should make his first appearance