EDIT: Always double-check drafts… Ah well! Guess that’s what happens when you’re too busy preparing for February.

With what appears to be one of the funniest glitches in a Sonic game ever, at least if you choose to ignore the fact Sonic 2006 exists, Hellfire Commentaries plays Shadow the Hedgehog with some rather famishing results.

Shadow the NumHog [HFC Livestream highlight]

Special thanks to Faseeh and SSF1991 for the heads-up!

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30 Responses to Freak-Out… Monday?: Shadow the NumHog

  1. reminds me of the intro to the muse song, madness

  2. Sonication says:

    Freak Out Friday? It isn’t even Friday yet. I think you mean Mash Up Monday.

  3. …..Vizard it’s Sunday….

  4. Shawn Spencer says:

    LOL. The guy’s commentary got a bit annoying sometimes but the ending xD

  5. VizardJeffhog says:

    Whoops! Wrong date… How’d that happen!?


  6. Sonicrush1991 says:


  7. JasonTheJackass says:

    Shadow likes his num-nums.

  8. What can I say? Shadow sure loves his Chaos Swiss Roll. 😛

  9. “Black Doom Claims to Have KnoKnoKnoKnoKnoKnoKnoKnoKnoKnoKnoKno”

  10. FRENZY!

  11. The Entity says:

    I didn’t know Fatboy Slim programmed this game lol

  12. When will we get actual news? And when will SEGA stop keeping Sonic under the radar? We’ve gotten half of a game (Sonic 4 Eps. 2), a racing spin-off (S&ASRT), and an app (Sonic Jump), but I think it’s time to see what SEGA’s got in store for Sonic, because SEGA said they were releasing many titles this year, and that probably means they should quit keeping Sonic in the shadows and show us their Sonic plans. Sonic is one of their biggest money makers, and I don’t see them making any more money…

  13. Edward Thorpe says:


  14. the num’s… they go on and on and on! XD

  15. sovereign73811 says:

    Num nums…Smartest thing Shadow ever said…

  16. Well Black Doom must have the nums.

  17. UltDevilDoom says:

    I wonder if they were playing the Xbox version. There were loading problems for the game on that system.

  18. They’re playing the GC version on an emulator, which means it’s not the game’s fault.

  19. Shadow: Black Doom claims to have num-num-num-num
    Sonic: Have you got a problem Shadow?
    Shadow: I haven’t eaten in a month.

  20. needsemail1 says:

    That guy talking over the video was really annoying.

  21. TrueBlue170 says:


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