It’s too cold outside. We need more hotblooded mash-ups. Good thing for Mash-Up Mondays!

For this December week, we have just the remedy: Labrys’ boss theme, The Ultimate in Mayonaka, from Persona 4: Arena appears to work incredibly well with Sweet Mountain from Sonic Colours! Definitely one hot mix!

Sonic Colors vs. Persona 4 – Arena – Sweet Labrys

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5 Responses to Mash-Up Monday: Sweet Labrys

  1. Sound like a perfect boss battle! A hot mix indeed! 😀

  2. When will I be able to play Persona 4 Arena.

  3. Two of my favorite games in one: Sonic Colors and Persona 4 Arena.
    I’m in love <3

  4. Probably one the best mixes ever 😀

  5. The funny part was that it was unnaturally warm today.