Sonic Allstars Racing Transformed 'Press conference Play Expo' Manchester 2012

sega allstars transformed multiplayer at play expo manchester

As we reported earlier today, Sumo Digital were at Manchester’s Play Expo showing off ASRT and talking about the making of the game. Whilst we got confirmation of MeeMee being in the roster and a few other tid bits, we’ve now got nearly half an hour of footage from the presentation… Needless to say, this contains A LOT of spoilers. Judging by how the video cuts off in the second part, it would seem that there might be more to come.

Stay tuned to TSS for more information as we get it.

Source: MrRW26

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23 Responses to Watch Now: 30 min of New All Stars Racing Transformed Gameplay

  1. Sonicrush1991 says:

    Seriously, who has the time to watch this. You guys watch it and tell me if there’s anything good

  2. WOW! This game is so much more different than the first! I love that stage select screen and character select screen.

  3. I listened closely at around 20:10 on the first video and the tune nearly sounded like the Sonic 4 theme for Sonic’s all star move… I don’t like that song, it’s annoying in my opinion.

  4. Amazing Blue Kitty says:

    When I saw this news on my phone, I actually did yell, get the laptop!

  5. Also, when Sonic says: “I’ll beat you every time!” I can’t remember what game it’s from, sounds like generations though…

  6. I’m hoping that the lack of the crowd singing “SE-GA!” from Summer of Sonic in the SEGA intro is because this isn’t the final product – it’d be really great to see that when the game comes out!

    • Celestial_Wolf says:

      My guess would be…

      (A) Fan version(s) (Sonic Boom had one as well) will be in the game credits
      (B) It may randomly chose one of the three (Or more if there recorded more variants, example, each character says it) to do at the start

  7. The game is only 1 month away. It’s gotten to a point where I don’t need to spoil myself with info anymore. So I will pass this footage up and wait. I advice more people to do so.

    • Pira Jacinto says:

      Actually yeah, I’m going to do that too. Thanks for the comment, I probably would have checked the link! Thanks!

  8. The only spoilers i dont like in games are story spoilers, so for me this is candyland 😀

  9. Robert Willshire says:

    thanks again guy,

    I was the person who did all the recording. there is one u did miss and the one u miss had two achivements caught in daylight

  10. Amazing Blue Kitty says:

    I saw footage of Sonic’s All Star clearer, basically he jumps out of his car and either homing attacking or spin dashing the opponent. The rings I have no clue. Here’s the footage:

    • Robert Willshire says:

      we had a few allstar moves at play expo aswell. Sonic, Knuckles, And Ralph had the allstar move

  11. Honestly, I do not care for this game AT ALL. Why waste time on a stupid spin-off like this when they could have just made the next big Sonic game? Or at least a proper Sonic platformer?

    • Yes, why did a BRITISH DEVELOPER waste time on a sequel to a game that made a lot of money, had a lot of fan service and actually handles better than Mario Kart?

      Yes why do good things like pay tribute to the Saturn era and bring back fan favorites like Vyse and Joe Musashi when we can just rush out another annual mediocre Sonic platformer? You know, the good ol days before Sonic Colors and Generations?

      Some people….

  12. I watched the entire thing and boy I’m impressed! Instant buy for me on Steam, iPhone, and Vita for me! :)

  13. you guys what i notice about this game than the last racing game? The speed for the cars is faster!

  14. Edward Thorpe says:

    I hope there will be a option to have a voice announcer commenting whats going on in the race like in the first game.

  15. If the videos weren’t so long I’d watch the whole thing. But from the onset it looks awesome, and leaves me wanting to play it right now. Thanks for sharing this