Community Spotlight: The Sonic Stadium – Part One

Happy 12th Anniversary to The Sonic Stadium! And hey, you know what this calls for!?


To commemorate this occasion, TitansCreed turns the Community Spotlight on us this time! To those unknowing, the Community Spotlight is when Pete highlights individuals or groups who have made an impact in the SEGA/Sonic fandom.

So, to celebrate our anniversary, joining him as the discussion leads to The Sonic Stadium’s history and impact in the fandom is no one but the head honcho of TSS himself – the mother-loving Sonical Batman and the founding father of the site, Svend “Dreadknux” Joscelyne!

Part 2 is to go live on Thursday!

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His unparalleled Canadian greatness making everything around him 20% cooler, VizardJeffhog is a pianist whose heart burns with a fiery passion for all things video games, music, and video game music! He's also the Station Manager for SEGASonic:Radio.
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5 Responses to TitansCreed Community Spotlights The Sonic Stadium – Part 1

  1. “You know what this calls for?! A Party!”

    I see what you did there~…

    Anyways, I’ll be sure to give it a listen later on, stuff like this always fascinates me.. Happy anniversary guys, and here’s to many more!

  2. Bradley Kroehling says:

    PINKIE PIE REFERENCE!!!!! Brohoof /)*(\

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