Sega has announced on Sonic’s Facebook page, the first screenshot and launch date of Sonic’s first iOS game “Sonic Jump”. The game will be available this Thursday, Oct 18th for $1.99 US, £1.49 Europe. No other details are out at this time, but it seems obvious now that this game will be a new version of the old Sonic Jump from mobile devices.

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18 Responses to Sonic Jumps Into iOS Devices This Thursday

  1. That……actually looks pretty fuckin’ sweet for an ipod game

  2. Edward Thorpe says:

    The Sonic model looks like a high rez version of the model from the Rush games and the DS Colours.

  3. popcornchick says:

    I dunno.. Why is it for 2 bucks? Not like thats pricey or anything butnimthink it gaurntees much, much more downloads therefore exposing more people to the game and making more profit of the predictably in game store that will be in. Look at games like temple run n mega jump, theyre makim crap load of profits out of their free games. Also this better come to andoid so i can play it on my galaxy tab and i dont want that many games on my iphone..

  4. Brianzilla2004 says:

    Release it on Windows Phone!

    Like that’ll happen… -_-

  5. TheDanimator says:

    Is anyone else aware that this was released years ago on standard mobile devices?

  6. Th3AntiGuardian says:

    Probably a stupid question, but can a game like this be downloaded and played on a laptop (using the arrow keys), or is it only for devices like iPads?

  7. TheBlueBadger says:

    Hmm. It looks a bit plain compared to the original

    But if the gameplay’s the same I’ll buy it. The phone one was neat, it had a story and boss fights and everything. Hope this game is more of that and not “Doodle Jump Sonic edition” or something stupid like that

  8. Aaaaand, no android

  9. Sonicrush1991 says:

    YEEEEEEEESSS!!!! Finally!!!

  10. Wha… why don’t they release this on other devices, like Android or Windows Phone, or PS Mobile so we have a proper Sonic game on the platform? Man… :(

  11. No android version? Comeon Sega! This game looks like the original too.

  12. This Sonic Jump has been confirmed to play as different characters. Would be funny if you can play as Big and bounce on springs.

  13. Din’t know why they didn’t post the new gameplay trailer, but here you guys go.