Consider this an early Halloween treat from Steven Page, also known as the guy behind Balena Productions! So, if you’re into Freak-Outs, great machinima videos, jokers, quality entertainment, Sonic and Tails bro-ing out, Halloween candy, and spot-on voice work, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Then again, being on TSS automatically puts you in the right place, but I digress!

From the entertainment channel that brought you Sonic in JAWS and The OMG most Original fanfic Idea EVER, Balena Productions presents…

Sonic in Scared Stupid – Part 2!

Sonic in Scared Stupid part 2

Interested in checking out Part 1?

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15 Responses to Sonic in Scared Stupid Part 2, by Balena Productions!

  1. (Copypastefromssmb) Oh my! I’m honored! Thank you so much! I can’t believe I made it to the front page <3

  2. NightwingFox says:

    This is pretty goood.

  3. You know, I thought that this would be stupid, like most Sonic GMod videos. But yea, the voice acting alone was totally worth it. I just watched episode 1 and Im about to watch episode 2.

    Sooo much longer, and actually pretty funny at points. Voices were still badass! Love it!

  4. Tails is voice is amazing in this , very spot on, in fact Tails is voice sounded like a real VA instead of the fan type where you know its a fan voice. Sonic’s was ok, lacked energy and didnt sound sonic’y.

  5. 12:06 – At first I thought that was Gollum

  6. Bradley Kroehling says:

    This was fantastic!

  7. Sonic: “I’ll see if I can sneak up behind her.”

    Well that was uncharacteristic of Sonic. You’re the fastest thing alive, you can zip in and zip out without being detected.

    I dunno what’s creepier the fact that she kissed an animal or Tails just kissed a corpse. (10 mobiums to the person who can correctly guess that reference 😀 )

  8. Awww DUDE! I’ve been WAITING for AGES on this video!

    Thanks Jeff as always for postin’ news like this, I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise!

    Gonna take a break from working on the audio of ‘Silver’s Destiny Begins!’ and watch what Steve has installed for us this time! ^__^

  9. Another Great GMod video. This was very funny! Love to see more videos like this!

  10. Nice video!

  11. I heard all of the sounds coming out of Steven’s studio in the wee hours of the night, and just because I am his mom, doesn’t mean that I can’t say that this is fantastic! My grandchildren and I were SCARED SILLY!!

  12. voice acting was excellent!! I love it!

  13. I love the fact the the Mansion owner sounds like Mark Hamill’s Joker.

  14. Shadowbane2009 says:

    PURRRRFECT S-RANK BUDDY! I was looking for something original…something fresh…something new…and this was just the perfect thing for Halloween. I’m definitely sending my ex boss a link on this…she’ll get a kick out of that google thing plus SHE LOVES TAILS TO DEATH lolz. Happy Halloween all…A VERY HIGH RECOMMEND and well animated too 😀