Community Spotlight: Sonic Wrecks – Part One

For the latest instalment of the Community Spotlight, TitansCreed interviews and chats with some of the crew down at Sonic Wrecks, discussing its impact on the Sonic community as a whole and its history!

TitansCreed is joined by AAUK, Blake Draco, Ram the Dragon, Rabid-Noodles, and TA Black of the Sonic Wrecks staff!

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Unparalleled Canadian greatness! Jeffrey is a writer for TSS and Gamnesia, a pianist obsessed with video game music, and the station manager for SEGASonic:Radio. Loves all things Sonic and Nintendo to a fault. Send help!
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7 Responses to TitansCreed Community Spotlights Sonic Wrecks – Part One

  1. Jeffery Mass says:

    I’m sorry vizard but do you not take critisism? :/

    • VizardJeffhog says:

      There’s a fine line between criticism and being, to be blunt, an ass. If you have an issue with the Community Spotlight, take it up with TitansCreed and Dreadknux.

    • We have a rule around these parts: Don’t Be A Dick. Don’t like a feature? Don’t read it. Plenty of people do enjoy it. And certainly you shouldn’t be calling people out on their hard work. Don’t let me see you act like that again.

      • Oh geez i already apologized twice. It’s still is an opinion and blocking me from saying what i think because it’s noticeable that other articles have alot more traffic then this with barely any comments/views so i just flat out said it just make it seem a bit.. Well forget it, i’m gonna be banned for it anyways. I didn’t deny their hard work, so again my bad, okay? We cool? Yeah… Peace.

  2. Sofia is obviously the youngest, easily determined by how easily she was distracted xD lmfao

    Well… then again… come to think of it…. xP

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