Xbox Live Avatar Award items have been revealed online for the upcoming HD port of Sonic Adventure 2 on Xbox Live Arcade …and they aren’t much different to the ones released with the first Sonic Adventure. Even the tasks to unlock them are the same. The items include a Sonic Adventure 2 shirt and Sonic’s shoes that he wears in the game. You can check out pictures of the items after the jump.

2G Vintage Sonic Tee
5 Hours game time in any game mode.

Sonic’s 2G Hi-Speed Shoes
10 hours game time in any game mode.

No word right now on if PS3 fans will be able to unlock these items as Home Rewards like with the first Sonic Adventure, unfortunately.


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35 Responses to Sonic Adventure 2 Xbox Live Avatar Awards Revealed

  1. That’s why keeping-the-console-on exists. Those shoes look sweet.

    Will look cool on my coughfemalecough avatar.

  2. Meh. I’d love different things, maybe like:
    Shadow’s shoes
    Knuckles’s gloves
    Rouge’s boots (?)
    Tails/Eggman mech
    Or a rail to grind on…I dunno

  3. Dem shoes.
    I guess I’ll be getting it on Xbox and not PS3.

  4. I’ve been wearing the Sonic Adventure Shoes Award ever since I unlocked them. It’ll be nice to replace them…… with THESE Sonic shoes.

    • Same here πŸ˜› the only time that they’ve over not been on my avatar is when I was wearing the Super Sonic costume. xD

      Sonic’s SOAP shoes.. sweeeeeeet.

  5. … THESE are getting praise? The shirts look the exact same as the Sonic Adventure reward shirts, and the shoes look like they were 3D rendered with MSPaint somehow! Compare:

    • Brianzilla2004 says:

      I’ve gotta agree with you on the shoes. I love the idea of having Sonic’s Soaps, but it would’ve actually looked better if they’d just taken the shoes straight from the game and slapped them on the Avatar. Hopefully they look better in action… I like the shirt though.

      Also, would’ve been nice to get Shadow’s shoes or gloves.

      • taylor Miller says:

        Agreed. I’m sad they didn’t do that. But then again there are SONIC ADVENTURE 2 themed avatar items coming to Xbox LIVE SO WHO CARES.

  6. DEM SHOES!!! But the render is just…childish and weird.

  7. 10 hours?!?!?!?!?!!!

    How will I ever get that… Lol, yea right!^-^

  8. Sweet!

  9. Brianzilla2004 says:

    The 10 hours required to earn the shoes will easily be racked up on our quests for 180 Emblems.

  10. As metioned somewhere above:

    As far as I’m concerned… To me… This just spells out ‘PS Home Items confirmed’…

  11. BakingBluePotatoe says:

    10 hours? No problem!

  12. walterscott380 says:

    it’s funny how they set the reward goals again like in sonic adventure. i remember getting these items in the ps3 version

  13. Is it me or do the soap shoes for boy and girl avatars look identical?

  14. My avatar already has the High Speed Shoes, but when I saw the SOAP Shoes, I did backflips.

  15. NauseousPenguin says:

    Awesome! Hopefully, they’ll be available as PS Home rewards like with SA1! Then I’ll finally realize my dream of owning a pair of SOAP shoes, albeit virtual ones. πŸ˜€

  16. kakashiisagod says:

    I owned a pair of soaps at one point in middle school. Most heavy and uncomfortable shoe I’ve ever worn. And because they have plastic on the bottom ID slip on everything. But it was all worth it to sport that sonic love

  17. TheyCallMeTheSonicFreak says:

    T-shirt is epic, but the shoes are better! This is only coming out on Xbox LIVE, or is it being rereleased?

  18. when does the game release for ps3

  19. sovereign73811 says:

    I’d pay money for real-life soap shoes.

  20. I found that these are avaiable to the PSN home avatars as well from the playstation home forums