Worst part of this is: I’m not even joking. No, seriously.

That Tornado is really carrying a car.

That Tornado's carrying a car!

I see what you did there, Megamaniscrazy

Special thanks to Masaru Daimon on the SSMB for the tip!

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33 Responses to Freak-Out Friday: That Tornado’s Carrying a Car!

  1. Genius. Pure, unadulterated genius.

  2. Okay, so I’ve seen many video game mods in my time, but this really takes the cake.

  3. If a tornado carrying a car is hit by a car, is it a plane wreck, auto accident, or natural disaster? Things to ponder…

  4. All because Generations was on PC…

  5. Seriously, that has got to be the funniest thing I have ever seen. 😀

  6. I love you, Internet. I love you so much.

  7. XD! Tails must gone crazy. Hes talking to his own plane LOL!

  8. This is the best thing ever

  9. The best part was the breakdance at the end!

  10. That was brilliant. Like, brilliant.
    QUICK what other cheesy lines can be turned into characters???

  11. This is why I love Fridays.

  12. A-MAZING! haha, I love these ridiculous mods.

  13. Brianzilla2004 says:

    So… why wasn’t this an unlockable in the game?

    If SEGA ever decides to do a Fighters Megamix 2, this should be a hidden fighter.

  14. Classic Tails: Are you talking to a Tornado carrying a car?
    Modern Tails: Um….nope


    • Sonicrush1991 says:

      Modern Tails: But I WAS talking to the tornado carrying a car which means you will talk to a tornado that is carrying in a car so your actually asking yourself if your talking to a tornado carrying a car, but in reality you are asking someone else who is you if you being me in the future is asking if the tornado is carrying a car.
      Classic Tails: . . .
      Modern Tails: Think about it

  15. How!? Okay wow this mod is nuts. And I wish I could crack up laughing (but I’m at the library). This is a fun mod, I can’t imagine how much time was put into this.

  16. sovereign73811 says:

    I’ll bet if Megamaniscrazy gets hired by SEGA, every Sonic game would be that much better: genius.

  17. Sonicrush1991 says:

    hey guys! Did you know they added Sonic and The Black Knight and Sonic and the Secret Rings to iTunes for music albums! They’re 9.99

  18. TheBlueBlur342 says:

    The actual mod had me laughing.
    The breakdance had me in tears.
    But when the Tornado waddled away after “I’ll be back soon!”, I was dying.

  19. MyFriendsCallMeSonic says:

    And that’s why Tails talks to his plane…
    Great job, Sonic.