The Crush 40 Facebook page recently revealed the release date for the Crush 40 Live album (currently untitled) as October 3rd 2012, with a release through the Wavemaster record label. The single-CD live album contains tracks recorded at the Crush 40 Live performances in Tokyo in March with the full band ensemble of Johnny Gioeli, Jun Senoue, Takeshi Taneda on bass and Toru Kawamura on drums.

The track listing as stated on the facebook page is listed as:

01. Sonic Youth
02. Free
03. His World
04. Sonic Heroes
05. Open Your Heart
06. Knight Of The Wind
07. I Am… All Of Me
08. With me
09. Never Turn Back
10. Fire Woman
11. Revvin’ Up
12. Watch Me Fly…
13. Into The Wind
14. Rise Again
15. Sonic Boom
16. All Hail Shadow
17. Live & Learn
18. One Of Those Days
19. What I’m Made Of…

The CD is currently up for pre-order on CDJapan for the cost of ¥2,500 ($32 / £22).

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8 Responses to Crush 40 Live Album Release Date and Track Listing

  1. or 25 €. This is a bit old news but thanks for reminding them!
    Hm, that’s a bit expensive (as usual, shipping too :/) and I’m flat now but as soon as I will have chance I will buy it.

    • Yeah, we missed this last week. The price is about standard for a Japanese release CD which usually range from ¥2000 – 3500 typically for a single CD; as the yen is so strong at the moment it works out as being quite expensive to import.

  2. Jun said this is like a SoS show, where not every song is full length. I’d like to know what songs are full length and what ones aren’t.

  3. Nice.

    Is it just me, or is Jun Getting fatter every time I see him?

  4. Shawn Spencer says:

    SWEEEEEEETT!!! 😀 I hope there’s a cheaper place to buy it though, but I’m definitely getting this!

  5. Saving my money…NOW!

  6. I hope this gets to western shores!!!