For anyone who’s picking up a Wii U on November 18th, you’ve now got Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed to look forward to come launch day! SEGA has apparently decided to launch the Wii U version of the game two days ahead of the other releases in order to make the Wii U’s launch.

The Wii U version of the game will feature exclusive features including a rear view mirror on the Wii U pad, the ability to stream the game to the controller, and exclusive mini games and multiplayer modes such as a Monkey Ball mini game and a British Bulldog style multiplayer mode. For more information on the game, please check out our interview in the Sonic Talk podcast.

8 Responses to American Wii U owners get SASRT two days early

  1. …..who wrote this article? XP

  2. 27624? Such an amazing article name! xD

  3. What the heck? Where’d the title go? :S

  4. And with the next Mario Kart game at least 2 years away, this game will be *the* kart racer on the Wii U, with no real competition.

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    That picture looks gorgeous. I wish I could frame it.

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    *reads news title* ._.