Well, the Wreck-It-Ralph footage didn’t record for some reason (Oh wait! It did! Just in the camera’s internal memory.) and the Crush 40 videos I took are too close to the front so you can only hear base. However, I did manage to take a lot of great pics (including a very silly one of Johnny). This includes the Crush 40 concert and the cosplay contest. Sonic Boom was an absolute blast and ten times better than even last years event. Everyone has a great time. I saw one fan who was so happy, he was in tears! It was one of greatest nights of my life as well. Enjoy the pics!

Joe Musashi and Mecha Sonic

A sea of Blue hats

Shine on, Jun Senoue!

Crush 40 rockin’ so hard they blur the camera

Nothing I add will make his expression look any goofier.

Even the best shot of Cash-Cash I found had motion blur.

The cosplay contest! Eggman, Mecha Sonic and a baby Tails that was too fidgety and ran all over to get a picture of were the winners.

A nice, wide shot of everyone.

Guess who the guy on the right’s supposed to be? I’ll tell you tomorrow in the comments.

It’s pretty obvious Mecha Sonic was the best choice to win.

There’s an enemy in our midst.

Finally, me hanging out in the VIP room with Takashi Iizuka. .


18 Responses to Sonic Boom in Pictures!

  1. Sonic Keyblade 007 says:

    Sonic Boom 2012 was amazing I had a great time tonight. Sega, thanks for putting together another great Sonic convention this year. I hope I’ll be able to go next year too. :)

  2. Don’t just thank SEGA, that’s just a corporate entity. Thank the SEGA community team, Julian Mehlfeld and Kelly Parker for putting together such a great show, not to mention brand managers like Aaron Webber and Ken Balough! Let’s not forget Steve Lycett, who flew across an ocean and a continent to get there!

  3. The-Master-Board says:

    Wow, somebody managed to make Amy look cute!

  4. Piplupfan77 says:

    I had a great time! Uploading my videos soon!

  5. LOL at Mario.


    • I was actually behind the Mario guy in line, he was a really fun guy and he had his voice acting down pat. It was obvious he wasn’t going to win a Sonic cosplay contest, but hey, that’s a lot of guts to get on stage!

      • Really? Cool! Haha, I love Mario, and was surprised that a man dressed up as him, in a SONIC convention! :O He really does have guts. But hey, Mario is Sonic, and Sonic is Mario. :) Mario is always welcomed!

      • Hey! It’s me, the Mario guy, lololol. Who were you dressed up as? Were you the Knuckles?

  6. Surprised I just saw someone cosplay as Elise. Anyways, thanks for the pictures!

  7. JasonTheJackass says:

    So that guy who just draped his sweat jacket over his head is supposed to be Mighty the Armadillo. Either that, or a random homeless guy wandered on stage.

  8. definitely more cool than summer of sonic

  9. Awww, there was a Baby Tails? That’s too cute. :3

    Really really wish I could have been there! Maybe some other year.

  10. MichaelRD777 says:

    I wish I could’ve been there this year DX Sadly where I live in California is just way too far from San Diego. I’m really hoping that Sonic Boom makes a return to Los Angeles(not where I live, BTW XD) next year :/

  11. sonictoast says:

    I hope this becomes an annual thing. It has been loads of fun both years.

  12. Angelidia says:

    I really find Baby Tails really cute. :3 As for Mario, he was standing right behind me during Crush 40 and Cash Cash live performance.

    As always, Crush 40 and Cash Cash performances were awesome! I already uploaded the first part of the video on my youtube channel.