I don’t often post about the SEGAbits Sonic podcast here, but I do believe this one will hold a special interest for a lot of you. In this episode, Jason and I sit down with Sonic Stadium boss Dreadknux and discuss our experiences with Sonic & All-Stars Racing.

You can find the podcast here.

9 Responses to Sonic Talk Episode 7: Transformed

  1. Silver-Sama says:

    please sega I want you can add Silver The Hedgehog in this game

  2. Since SEGA said that they will leave Big the Cat.. I don’t think that we’ll get to see him in this game… Well yea he’s Useless but that’s kinda sad..

  3. Haha Dread some people want to believe lies or jokes 😛 sadly some people have not learned to think critically.

    But what cha gonna do eh?

  4. Jix Hedgehog says:

    How was the mood at SEGA during the press thingy? :S

    • Honestly? No different then usual. This was a month after the lay offs, and it was at a go-kart track so there was lots of fun to be had.

  5. craposaurus says:

    Sonic side:


    Maybe ToeJam earl

    I hope to see some stages like “Fantasy zone”

  6. What’s “Sonic & All-Stars Racing”?