Three months ago, the community team down at SEGA gathered questions for the musical talents behind the 20th Anniversary title Sonic Generations. As many as 300 questions were submitted by eager fans, spanning from the composers and arrangers’ personal favourite tracks as well as what other songs from Sonic’s history they would’ve liked to tackle.

Today, these questions have been answered by a majority of the Generations sound team. To see what questions Jun Senoue, Tomoya Ohtani, Kenichi Tokoi, and Alex Makhlouf have answered, their replies are available in full at the SEGA Blog, as well as Original Sound Version.

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5 Responses to Sonic Generations Sound Team Questions and Answers!

  1. Ya daft nut, your SEGA blog link goes to the question submission article, not the newest answering article!

  2. My question was answered! 😀
    (It’s the last one.)

    I thought the interview was really informative and I learned loads from it :)

  3. sovereign73811 says:

    Not bad…but no Richard Jacques? He did do a few pieces for Sonic Geneations I believe.

  4. WikidWorx says:

    OMG, never knew Alex to be such a Sonic fanboy. This makes me smile and glad to know he’s gonna be around for a good minute…hopefully replacing that atrocious Cirquit Freque (sp?)