Less than a week ahead of its release on XBLA and PSN, SEGA of Japan have released a small avalanche of new screenshots showcasing White Park Zone in action. See Sonic and Tails facing Metal Sonic, traversing the cold, slushy waters and more big boss action!

Chill out and hit the jump to feast your ice on all the new screenshots!

Will you be picking the game up when it lands next week? You snow the drill! Let us know in the comments!

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20 Responses to Episode 2: See More of White Park Zone in Action

  1. I apologise for all the terrible puns, everybody.

  2. already seen all the bosses and final boss and credits. thank you youtube.

  3. What’s that 4th screen about?

    • As far as I know it’s the ‘lobby’ you’ll see when playing co-op. You basically select who plays as which character here. :)

      I could be wrong though!

  4. DJToast3 says:

    Got it pre-purchased on steam!

    I’m one of those lucky’uns who played the beta early.

    Still need to complete it XD

  5. MilesKnightwing says:

    So many screenshots, overload. 4/5 days until release. Time will pass slowwwwwwwly.

    Don’t apologise for the puns, there fun. Although you might have some competition from Jason The Jackass (JB).

  6. kakashiisagod says:

    PC and PS3 Day 1 purchase

  7. Hopefully Destructoid’s retarded review won’t affect much

  8. Good grief how long is that level? or how sucky is the person playing it or whatever? The time says 8’04″50

  9. Discokingz says:

    XBLA on Tuesday, PSN on Wdnesday, iOS whichever day it hits! so it’s getting bought 3 times by me SEGA, aint you the lucky ones?! lol 😉

  10. NEVER apologize for making puns. The fabric of the universe would split without them.

  11. Jeb the Hedgefox says:

    Great! By the way, yes, I know the Beta was leaked, but christ, can we all stop going, “Oh! I already saw it! Oh! Did you know that *spoilers*” I mean, some of us don’t want spoilers and stuff… plus, it’s great that you saw it, but some didn’t and probably won’t think you’re so cool for that… not trying to be an ass, but many think this and I can tell from comments, please stop. C:>

  12. damnhedge says:

    Just sayin but at around 1 AM english time ( so 13 from now) you can play sonic 4 epi 2 on steam :)

  13. damnhedge says:

    Meant 13 hours derp 😛