With the announcement of Transformed, the iOS version of the first Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing has received a massive update this morning, namely with two new characters added to the roster who weren’t available beforehand: Knuckles the Echidna and Shadow the Hedgehog.

The App Store description for the update lists the following:

The Knuckles & Shadow Update
Two New Characters – Knuckles and Shadow!
One New Track!
Airplay-Out Mode!
HDMI-Out Mode!
iCloud Progress Saving!
Character Faces on the Minimap!
Game Center Profile Pics on the Minimap in Multiplayer!
And lots of other improvements and bug fixes!

Over on SEGAbits, it has been confirmed that the new track is the Sun Fair raceway of Samba de Amigo lore, though the new track as well as Knuckles and Shadow require purchase with the in-game SEGA miles. That being said, Knuckles, Shadow, and Sun Fair aren’t merely unlocked through the Version 1.2 update.

As well as this, players can now buy the new additions in-game by purchasing SEGA miles instead of having to gain them by racing. 500,000 miles can be purchased for $.99, 1,500,000 miles for $1.99, and 50,000,000 for $9.99. Let’s just hope that nothing this stupid will happen as a result!

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13 Responses to SASASR iOS Distributes “The Knuckles & Shadow Update”

  1. Ah, it’s times like this that honestly make me wish that I had an iDevice.

  2. I really love this app. I first bought it a couple weeks ago looking for something to do on my new iPad and for $2 I was expecting like 3 levels and a leaderboard. What I got it essentially the entire $60 xbox game remade for the iPad. And now they’re adding more free levels, characters and features? I can’t compliment these developers enough!

    • Harry Pothead says:

      Actually they’re adding levels and characters from the console version that never got into the iOS version for some reason.
      It still isn’t the entire console. It has some of the levels but most of them are stripped down versions of the console levels except a few which have the same track.
      Just play any of the console versions and you’ll see the difference lol

  3. Sweet! They got Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing at my dentist’s place on their iPads! Now I don’t have to play as Tails!

  4. Autosaver says:

    The iOS version is actually the DS version but with a whole bunch of content still cut. I’m 100% these levels aren’t “newly made” and the models/cars aren’t new either. They simply ported the DS content to the iOS.

    With that said, I’m going to update my iOS version. Time to play as Shadow… without the wheelie.

  5. Psychobob's Ghost says:

    This game is rubbish on iPhone, and as far as I can tell there are only two playable levels which resemble something out of the original PS1 Crash Team Racing. Online multi-play suffers from terrible lag which is most frustrating during the arena mode because you’ll often find yourself chasing after another players ghost.

  6. SEGA, y u no port to android, it’s on ios and windows mobile

  7. Of course this happens when I’ve lost my iPod.