Listen to my disembodied annoying voice as I sit down to have a talk with Joe Neate about SEGA and Sumo Digital’s upcoming racing title!

Fellow Sonic Stadium writer Jason Berry also interviewed Mr. Neate with different, more SEGA centric questions, which you can find here.


13 Responses to Interview with All Stars Racing Transformed Producer Joe Neate

  1. Jix Hedgehog says:

    You’re all about the All Star racing, aren’t cha nuckles? 😛

  2. I like your voice, nuckles! :)

  3. “which you canfind here”.

    Is “here” supposed to be a blue link or something?

  4. I’m really getting excited for this game! And even though a lot of that info couldn’t be disclosed, I really appreciate when developers take the time to listen to the fans and talk with them as much as possible. A definite step above, say, Nintendo.

  5. SegaSonic27 says:


  6. Jeb the Hedgefox says:

    Oh my god! Hearing this just over-hypes me for this game, it sounds as if they’re trying really hard to make sure the game is the best racer it can be! I mean, they’re fixing the errors with the first game, adding awesome quirks to characters, courses, and gameplay, and the will-switchable vehicles is definitely getting my interest, I can’t wait to see how this game plays out, and only makes me hope this year will move even faster so I can get my hands on it! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I might just go play the first one for nostalgia sake, bravo, great interview.

  7. With all this all-stars racing news, I find myself starving for some Sonic 4 news, maybe a demo?

  8. That was a great interview!
    Great questions and I also very much appreciate how he tried his hardest to answer!

  9. Transformations… Transformations… Sonic Riders Zero Gravity?

  10. Adventure Mode…?