Continuing our coverage on Sonic 4: Episode 2, the Xbox 360 product page for the upcoming episode of the Sonic 4 saga has updated with seven new screenshots today. The screenshots showcase more of Sylvania Castle Zone, as well as White Park Zone.

Check out the entire gallery after the jump!



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34 Responses to Reveals More Sonic 4: Episode 2 Screenshots

  1. SEXY!!

  2. You know, after the TERRIBLE trailer for Resident Evil 6 yesterday, I’m glad that every piece of news for Sonic 4-2 only makes it seem better and better. Can’t wait for May 15th.

    • Terrible….PFFFFFFFFFFT, that was great. It sure was a hell of a lot better than the first but now isn’t the time to discuss that.

    • A trailer came out yesterday? *Checks it out* Wesker had a kid? Hmmm…NEW IDEA FOR A SONIC GAME….Eggman has a kid and he’s the new villian because Eggman dies…erm…haha…

  3. I will bet you dollars to donuts that theres gonna be a sky chase airplane level.

  4. Not bad. However, that first screenshot made me remember how lame Sonic’s spikes look in modern games. And don’t even get me started on current Super Sonic’s spikes, they’re just Sonic’s regular spikes bent upwards. I wish they would bring back SA2’s Sonic and Super Sonic designs (minus the Soap shoes). That game had the best Modern Sonic design ever, and I don’t even like SA2.

    Inb4 “sega shuld bring bak clasic soneek, derp. green eyes suk hurr durr”.

    • Kaz Kuczynski says:

      I have to agree with you about SA2’s design. It was my favorite as well.

    • So… a gold Shadow minus the chest hair? O_o Because that’s all it really was. Take away the shoes and wristbands and what do you have? a model swap. 😛

      • Are you insinuating that Shadow is a recolour? Because that’s exactly what he is, but then again it’s not as bad as the whole Mario/Luigi thing.

        • Well that’s not what I was TRYING to say but like Silver after him, yeah, Shadow is basically just a recolour with a few extra parts. What I was trying to say was that it might look decent to just model swap Shadow with Super Sonic and remove the extra parts.

          Although you have to give Sega some credit for creativity on Silver’s part. At least he has a different AMOUNT of spikes. 😛

    • So them being slightly longer than classic’s makes them bad?

  5. MilesKnightwing says:

    I like the screenshot of Sonic on the bit-plane. He looks cool.

  6. JasonTheJackass says:

    Anyone else notice in that second screenshot when Tails is flying Sonic in the air that there are a few bubbles coming out behind him? Either that’s a graphical error due to same graphics being done underwater or Tails is very gassy.

  7. I’m still laughing at the EPIC HIGH FIVE!

  8. I bet sega is showing us spoilers cause sonic and tails on an airplane near the 1st zone…hmmm well I don’t know

  9. interesting!