Fellow Sonic and SEGA news siteĀ TSSZ News, formerly The Super Sonic Zone, celebrates another 365 days gone by as of April 2nd, now clearing its thirteenth year since its official launch in 1999. Founded and led by Tristan Oliver, the six-man team is known for covering and breaking several major stories, and sometimes the more controversial ones, from all corners of the SEGA community.

The Sonic Stadium wishes TSSZ a happy 13th birthday and all the best through the next year!

Those interested in TSSZ’s history can check out their complete timeline through the button below.

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7 Responses to TSSZ Celebrates 13th Anniversary

  1. eXtaticus says:

    TSSZ: Writing Where Retro Is Too Pussy To Venture Since 1999

  2. Blue Wisp says:

    … Timeline?
    Let’s do this.

    Happy 13th birthday to TSSZ by the way.

  3. Awwww, how nice of you to mention TSSZ! :)

  4. Tristan started TSSZ when he was 13.

    Apparently, he’s STILL 13!

  5. BlazeFaia says:

    I seem to recall a falling out between TSS and TSSZ. Someone wanna fill in the blanks for me? What ever happened with that? Did everyone just ignore it and it went away? Did the two make up?