*Dances in wearing a jesters outfit*

WELL! Good day to you TSS! Good day to you! How are you!? It’s April Fools Day! …What do you mean it’s over? Oh very well, here’s the news of the last week.






Sunday (April Fools Day)

Yes we had some fun and games with April Fools Day. But did you spot some of the hidden references and links in our updates? Have a look at T-Bird’s Right Said Fred update the title of the new Crush 40 album… could that be an anagram? And that colon by the word ‘glory’ is… is that a link?

As for the lost sonic plushies story. I put a few clues and references in there. How many did you spot? Explorer Drake Croft, know any video game explorers with those names? Kazuma Kiryu corporation? Hmm? Who could that be? Photographer Frank West, didn’t he used to cover wars? Finally, the tribe called Sonic “Ffyliaid Ebrill” I wonder what would happen if you put that in google translate, and translate it from Welsh to English.

See you next week!

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6 Responses to Sum Up Sunday, On a Monday: The Cosmic Fool Edition!

  1. Why cant... says:

    …people just look at the homepage

  2. Very nice, Hoggy. XD Very nice.

  3. Dakota Jones says:

    So is the “Big Retirement” post actually legit? Coz I don’t see an “[April Fools]” update on it. lol

    • Sonicx2218 says:

      I was just thinking the same thing. It’s sad how that update could easily be legit

  4. Shawn Spencer says:

    Haha, all those April Fools articles were fun XD. The bigger the lie, the easier it is to believe. Hell, when T-Bird posted that ‘Crush 40 ver.’ I was well and truly gone screaming “OMG CRUSH 40!!!!!”. How foolish I was. Great fun, though! XD

  5. Elizabeth the Bathog says:

    LOL “Ffyliaid Ebrill” Aprils fools XD