If you are a PS3 owner and you also subscribe to Playstation Plus, there’s some rather nice deals on the Playstation Store right now, with Sonic CD heavilly discounted and other DLC packs at less than half price.

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Sonic CD is now priced at £2.15/$2.99, which is quite the surprise considering how cheap it was originally.

Unfortunately, that is where the discounts end, unless you happen to shop on the EU PSN where the discounts keep coming. For those who haven’t yet picked up DLC for Sonic Unleashed or Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing, it might now be worth your while to do so.

  • Sonic & SEGA Allstars Racing Ryo Forklift Truck – £1.60
  • Sonic & SEGA Allstars Racing Metal Sonic and Death Egg – £1.92
  • Sonic Unleashed Apatos and Shamar Adventure Pack – 96p
  • Sonic Unleashed Chunnan Adventure Pack – £1.28
  • Sonic Unleashed Empire City and Adabat Adventure Pack – 96p
  • Sonic Unleashed Holoska Adventure Pack – 96p

At this point in time, only the EU PSN has these deals as well as the Sonic CD discount. The US PSN only has the Sonic CD discount, although before a thousand million people start screaming ‘Europe gets everything’ in the comments, we should point out Sega are also offering the US PSN+ users free Classic Sega games right now unlike th… you’re still going to say Europe gets everything aren’t you?

Oh and we should also point out that these offers are more than likely to be limited to a week or two at the most.

Source: Playstation Blog EU & Playstation Blog US

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20 Responses to Sonic CD, Unleashed & All-Stars Racing DLC: Discounted (PSN+ Only)


  2. Um, Hogfather? I have something to add. The reason why they might be discounting the DLC is because some Sonic Generations DLC is on the horizon. A rumor is going around that there is DLC coming, and we might see something at the end of this month.

  3. Actually, European PS+ members also got the classic SEGA games, the point still stands. 😛

    • Yes I know, but that was well over a year ago and it’s long since gone from the service, so new people that sign up would still miss out… … .. people are still going to say it aren’t they?

  4. Doh, too bad I’m not PSN+. £1.92 is finally cheap enough for me to consider the Death Egg DLC. Ah well.

    • It’s a very good deal and brilliant DLC shame more people don’t use it online though :(
      But the stage itself is amazing with various things that pay brilliant tribute to the original even adding in some new elements that make me wish it was in Generations
      As for Hyper Metal Sonic he is a difficult character to master but I’ve heard that he’s amazing once you have him mastered but I still prefer Beat

  5. BTW that Wes Weasley pic made me think of this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D52RNzE2NNI

  6. Dr Robotnik says:

    What are the unleashed DLCs like? any good or no? (IE are they the bloody warehog or not!?!)

    • We don’t speak of the dead (Werehog) around here.

    • NauseousPenguin says:

      The DLC packs have some daytime levels and some nighttime ones. I’ve only purchased one of them so far (the Rooftop Run pack), and there’s more daytime stuff included than there is nighttime in that one.

    • Don’t own them myself, but some of the packs are pretty cool from what I remember reading.

  7. MilesKnightwing says:

    Cool. Sonic CD 2011 is great value. Love the AOSTH picture Hogfather ‘powzy’. Wes Weasley I think he is called.

    I would like to see Sonic 3 on psn. I guess you can’t have everything.

  8. sega apparently listen to the fans alot but has anyone acturly considered telling them we want sonic 3 on the ps3 if people told them it might BE LOW ON PRICE!!!!!

  9. sonicwalter says:

    europe gets everything? oh please! american peeps get more than europe. comics, books, toys, plushies and so much more. y u no bring em here?


  11. BorgShadow says:

    Weasley: If you buy all these DLC’s right now, we’ll throw in a complete set of ‘blank encyclopedias’ lol!

    He sounds like the cartoon version of Tim Shaw in Australia in the the 90’s. Hum I wander what happen to him?

  12. TheDarkHero says:

    When is the 3DS going to get sonic DLC? I want Generations 3DS DLC. :(

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