Update: Sorry to disappoint so many of you looking forward to this rather extrordinary collaboration…it is in fact an April fools, a rather dirty one at that! – T

The older Sonic fans among you may remember the rather daft single “Wonderman” by British Pop band Right Said Fred, released as promotion for Sonic the Hedgehog 3 way back in 1994. Baldy catwalk man Richard Fairbrass, lead singer of the band, let slip on the red carpet for an Olympics promotion event this evening, after a costumed Sonic and Mario joined them on the walk way, that the band had been drafted in to rework their hit song.

Fairbrass was quoted as saying:

“Funnily enough we’ll be seeing Sonic again soon! We’ve had loads of success in recent years with all the Daz adverts we’ve been in, but it’s just fab to go back to Sonic and rework one of our classic top 60 tracks – like us Sonic’s still hogging the limelight!”.

Jun Senoue, also attending a “Meet and Greet” event today following the two Crush 40 shows in Tokyo, told fans he was delighted to be involved in the production of the new track.

A tweet from the Crush 40 twitter account (translated from Japanese) read:

“Yes – working with Cash Cash and RSF to remix a classic Sonic song. Johnny and I have worked on Crush 40 ver. also”.

It was also hinted that this track will feature on the Forthcoming C40 EP, titled “Apollo Rifs”.

For those who haven’t seen it, here’s the video to wonderman in all of it’s glory:


Stay tuned for more news on these developments!

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24 Responses to [APRIL FOOLS!] Right Said Fred X Cash Cash Remix Set For Next “Big Sonic Game”

  1. *begins dancing to wonderman for the next 2 hours*

  2. Can’t tell if real or not.

    But if real then oh god yes.


  4. You know how some Wonderman go on to become real things?

    Please let this be one of those times.

  5. PLEASE let this be real!!

  6. Jeffrey C. says:

    April Fools?

  7. Oh, that’s right, it’s April 1st.

    It’s one hell of an idea though!

  8. Guessing this is a april fools, guess I could check the twitter account mentioned to find out but I feel lazy right now.

  9. PyrosThunder says:

    Yeah, I think this is April Fools

  10. PyrosThunder says:

    Although I kind of hope it’s not. Cash Cash’s work in Generations was genius.

  11. Apollo Riffs ey?
    Cruel one T, cruel. man that would be cool tho…

  12. Funny if it were true, wait that would be a fun remix. =D

  13. NauseousPenguin says:

    I never realized it until now, but I’ve always wanted this to happen. But for it to work, the song is gonna have to take on a completely different tone than the original.

  14. NauseousPenguin says:

    Lawl, April fools is fun.

  15. NauseousPenguin says:

    But wait, not sure if false…
    There’s already an April Fool’s post today, so I’m not entirely sure if this is false…
    Who am I kidding, this is 4/1 BS.

  16. Ethan Kerr says:

    I’d love this if it weren’t 1 April. I hate you, April Fool’s Day. Ok, not really. But still. 😐

  17. I actually lol’d more at the idea of the guys producing something like “I’m Too Sexy” for a Sonic game.

  18. TrueBlue170 says:

    I know it’s April Fools Day, but I’d FREAK OUT if this was true. I feel I’m part of a rare group that LOVES this song. And remixed with one of my favourite bands, whose work was amazing in Generations?! I. WOULD. DIE. 😀

  19. If this is true, I’m expecting it to sound a little like this:
    *Shameless self plug*

  20. IT’S FAKE



  21. TrueBlue170 says:

    *sees APRIL FOOLS! sign*

    I KNEW IT! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo…*slumps into a whimpering mess on the floor*

  22. Trogdorbad says:

    “Apollo Rifs”

    Oh, those anagrams.

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  24. *sigh* How I wish this was true… *SHOT*

    And wtf?? Oh thanks a lot T, now I’m going to have nightmares after watching that music clip…

    “THERE HE IS!! HAVIN’ A BLAST!!” *Rrawwr!!*