This is most definitely the Nendoroid you are looking for.

Merch-hogs, prepare to open your wallets once more – it has been recently revealed that the all-new Sonic Nendoroid figure from the Good Smile Company will be making its way to UK shores!

The 3.9″ figure, which looks like an awesome mix between the Classic and Modern Sonic designs, is now available for pre-order from the official website. It comes with standing and running poses in addition to an array of props including a point marker goal post, an item box with interchangeable power-ups (ranging from a shield to a 1-Up), and a Chaos Emerald. It’s a Sonic the Hedgehog figure as you truly imagined it!

Though the figure will not be shipped until June of this year, if you want to get your hands on it you are advised to get your pre-orders in quick – it is only available in limited quantities, and you can be sure it’s going to be snapped up fast.

The Sonic Nendoroid will set you back £32.99 plus delivery charges, which in turn will give you 33 reward points to use on future purchases with Will you be pre-ordering it?


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28 Responses to Limited Edition Sonic Nendoroid: UK Pre-Orders Now Open!

  1. Experiment 282 says:

    I preordered mine elsewhere some time back. But it’s good to see other areas opening up. Though, I’m probably paying more for shipping. One of the bad things about living in Australia ><

    • Tourist: So you think it’d be nice to move here?
      Austrailian: Yeah everything’s great. I mean like any area there’s a FEW downsides but nothing major.
      Tourist: Oh?
      Austrailian: Well yeah I mean, like, if you want a Sonic the hedgehog figure you have to have it shipped to you. :/
      Tourist: ????

      lol :3

      • Experiment 282 says:

        You know that sounds like a conversation I would actually have. 😛

        • With exception to the Generations Collector’s edition (got mine via JB Hi Fi), I’d have to agree

  2. I still don’t get it, are the parts like interchangeable or something?

    It looks nice, but I don’t think I could spend £32 on it =(

    • As far as I’m aware, Sonic comes with interchangeable expressions (I think there’s a normal smile, a grin like in the picture above, and also his “serious business!” face) as well as different poses/hand gestures. You can also change the power-up in the item box, with several alternatives included.

      • I did wonder, I saw the serious face from the “check point model”.
        Suppose you do get quite a bit for your money then…

  3. JoelxSonic says:

    Darn I’ve alredy pre-ordered mine from PlayAsia. Oh well at least Im getting the figure 1 way or another. Also TokyoToys have got the figure.

  4. It’s a cute Modern Sonic :3

  5. Haha, this must be his reboot look

    • @Goma, Nah, this is just Modern Sonic chibified.

    • That’s what i was thinking, if it is, that’s a cool reboot look, its both classic and modern in one package.

      • It’s just a chibi version of Modern. Nendoroid figures are all super-deformed ‘chibi’ characters. Sonic’s proportions here match up with the general Nendoroid proportions.

  6. SonicandMario21 says:

    Does anyone know if this will be released in the US? If not, I’ll have to preorder it off Play-asia

  7. @Goma Lol If it is, I’ll have a fangasm! That design for Sonic is BRILLIANT!!

  8. I like the item box…

  9. sonictoast says:

    Do they ship to the US?

  10. TheDarkHero says:

    I saw this on kotaku a year ago.

  11. i have 40 reward points but i don’t know what they do or how to use them.
    Can someone please tell me?

  12. all buy this thing !!

    i have Visa XD

  13. Guarrodelacalzada says:

    Preordered and payed.

  14. Ordered mine!

  15. Oh dear God, it’s so cute!!!! :3

    I gotta get my hands on one of these.

  16. Hmmm, I hope this isn’t the rebooted design. I think they could do a little more than just “chibi-fying” Modern Sonic. I say we wait ’till E3.

  17. I love that design. Perfect mix of classic and modern.

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