This path has a branch! Branching paths confirmed!

Beleaf it or not, there’s some contraverstree over this piece of artwork. I’m stumped that someone would find this oakfensive, but they’ve really flipped their twig about it! Frankly, I think they’re barking up the wrong tree. They need to get to the root of the problem and tell Sega what kind of art they pine for. Maple they’ll listen. Don’t beat around the bush either or your efforts will be foilaged! Take a fern stance on the issue! No ifs, Ents or buts about it!

Read on to see a tree-o of platforms.

Curses! Foilage again! (On one platform anyway.)

Looks like the grass isn’t any greener on the other side of the page. While we get a nice trio of artwork, these platforms leave me flat and that’s the long and short of it. These platforms are leaving me stumped again….Time for more tree puns! No distreespect, but I wish those angered by Sega’s post wood get a leaf. The fact that folks are barking their opineion bitterly leaves me petrified. I’m just sick! Sycamore of it will happen again!  Alright, alright. I’ll pack my trunk and go.  Time for me to make like a tree…..and get outta here.

We have finished our....discussion. We have decided.........your puns.....are NOT funny.

Source [Sega]

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33 Responses to Tree-t Yourself to This Week’s Sonic 4-2 Concept Art

  1. well this was a amusing one to read, thank you for all the Puns! ^_^

  2. C’mon dude, don’t tease Treeston.

  3. Ethan Kerr says:

    Haha, Jason, you silly billy, you! I bet you were thinking, “Yes! Concept art that doesn’t leave me stumped for puns!”

  4. Jason Berry says:

    Pretty much yea.

    Also, I really like being called a “silly billy”.XD

  5. MY GOD. Rapid fire puns.

  6. ss3_Andinos says:

    Oh god, the puns! THEY BURNZEZ!!! DX

  7. Someone’s been starved of making bad puns.
    Now for actual discussion.
    I can imagine a stump being used as a cap for a Chemical Plant-style tube, and the platforms look nice (better than a hunk of ground floating around.

  8. Jeb the Hedgefox says:

    Platforms again? Hoo boy… I guess they learned their lesson for spoiling Generations a lot, but this is ridiculous.

  9. Darkness545454 says:

    Lol, this made me laugh xD

  10. MilesKnightwing says:

    Jason you have treely excelled yourself this time. Seriously its a very witty article. Its always easier when you have a good platform to work with. The end result paper for everyone.

  11. So many puns! That was funny!

  12. Samurai Echidna says:

    These level designs are beginning to look cLumbersome, but Sonic wood never be slowed down by that. It doesn’t matter how many paths Sonic takes, he’ll still kick Eggman’s grass.

    What can I say? These puns are addictive. That’s my platform on that.

  13. RaymanFan1 says:

    Time for me to make like a tree…..and get outta here.


  15. TheHumbleFellow says:

    Stop it with the puns! You’re giving me a terrible headoak!

  16. pyrosthunder says:

    You should have been a co-writer for Batman & Robin and made Poison Ivy have a pun-off with Mr. Freeze

  17. So many puns… it’s TREE-mendous! XD


  19. That article took longer to read than most others -___-” I didn’t think it was possible to have too many tree puns.


  20. Are you guys gonna put a pun on every one of these posts?

  21. SenatorGab says:


  22. rulerofyourface says:

    Whao! I’m laughing so hard that I’m trearing up

  23. *slamming my head against the table grunting* there so bad…ughhhh

  24. Pfft. Archie Sonic already covered those years ago: “I don’t want to go out on a limb but I wood like to get to the root of Sally’s problem! I’d be a sap if I decided to leaf! As forest that’s concerned, I’ll try to cedar things through fir sure! If knot, I’ll be pine-ing and weeping! I’d much rather take a bough! Oak-K?”

  25. rulerofyourface says:

    Ok, I really woodn’t want to mess with Jason today!

  26. Treebeard is wrong – this post was a ‘treeat’ to read! Ah ha!

  27. Heh heh imma start rooting for this!

  28. *still slamming my head* it wont stop

  29. “The Pun-ic Stadium”


  31. SuperSpindasher says:

    Now you’re beginning to sound as cheesy as Eggman in Sonic Colors…