SEGA Japan has today opened their official website for Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2, which features character profiles, a Zones section, a co-op play section and more. In the Zones section there are twenty four new screenshots covering all three Acts of Sylvania Castle Zone and White Park Zone showcasing platforming and puzzle elements as well as the return of snowboarding.

You can view all twenty four screenshots after the jump.

Source: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 Japanese Official Website

Thanks to SSMB member Agent York for grabbing the screenshots from the site!

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26 Responses to Sonic 4: Episode 2 Japanese Website Now Open, New Screenshots

  1. Aamazing! 😀

  2. Dr. Robotnik says:

    I can’t wait to hear White Park Zone’s music. Game looks amazing but i’m not gonna lie if i’m more excited for the music! :p

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    • actuley, they look like ski’s

      • Actually, The stance is more snowboard like but there using what looks like tree bark that has a chunk out of it, so i can understand how you think there ski’s and i respect that, but i think there snowboards

        • To be honest, the more closer I look, the more they look like ski’s. Kinda weird don’t ya think?

          • I can see how the ski ‘s are coming to mind but i would prefer and think there snowboards just because of the stance, and i think snowboards suit up to sonic more, the only time i can recall seeing him on ski’s is mario and sonic at the 2010 winter Olympic games.
            But maybe thats why SEGA might use ski’s because we havnt see much of sonic and ski’s. Maybe? I still would prefer snowboarding

          • yeah kinda weird.but Sonic is more suited to a snowboard.just play City Escape.

  5. Jeb the Hedgefox says:

    Wow! These screenshots are awesome! I mean, look, they’re snowboarding on tree bark! Awesome! And the new moves, gimmicks, and overall appearances are cool! This definitely looks like Sonic 4… but the only problem is the amount of dash pads I’m seeing, I swear, Dimps really must have a fetish with these just like how in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Nintendo had a fetish with rotating platforms. But this game still just looks wonderful and I can’t wait to get my hands on it… and hopefully it will have better replay value than Episode I.

  6. Am I the only one who thinks the ‘hummingbird’ badnik looks more like a Kingfisher?

  7. MilesKnightwing says:

    That makes 50 screenshots. Visually Sonic 4 Ep 2 is one of best looking Sonic games I have seen. Its a snowboard, definitely.

    Sonic pushing a snowball, ice cool!

    Just like with the Sonic CD remake, 2d Sonic games look absolutely gorgeous in HD widescreen.

  8. I hope the plot is good, unlike Sonic 4 episode 1. It’d be nice to see a new Death Egg aswell (Kinda like in the comics, eh). I would like it to play similar to the Sonic Advance games (but with homing attack). Gotta say, it looks pretty good though.

  9. IS THAT THE HOMING ATTACK!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSS!!!! I love that attack.Good thing they didn’t remove it. 😀

    • I’m glad about it too!
      what are your point on the new lock-on target design though?
      it might need to grow on me but it’s not awful.

      • hopefully there will be an option of turning it off, just like the TV screens and the bottomless pit signs. I personally like them, but it might lower the complaints by the trolls.

  10. The last ice stage we saw was Cool Edge, I think? Four years ago? This game is looking beautiful and I can’t wait to play it. Unfortunately it looks like there are more, “GOTTA GO FAST” sections than platforming sections, which is why I wasn’t a huge fan of episode 1.

  11. neezthehuman says:

    automated homing attack ridden shitfest but still excited because its a new Sonic game.

  12. Yes! I love original levels that aren’t based off games from the past! (Just in case if you are a Sheldon(from the big bang theory), that was sarcasm)

  13. I’ll just leave this right here:

    wonderful screenshots. Let’s hope the visuals are not the only thing going for it.

    • Lookin good! Also looks like sonic moves faster when starting to run unlike ep 1, seein so much improvements.


  15. Here is a better link, has a bit more information, and says that we might expect Sonic 4 Episode 2 to come out as early as mid-April!

  16. Man… if anybody can tell me all 4 (5 if there is an extra one) to me please? I’m dying to know!!