Last night, Sonic 4 Episode 2 made its surprise first public appearance at Mobile World Congress 2012, courtesy of SEGA and NVIDIA. The above demo is being played on a Tegra 3 Android device, streaming to an HD television. Today, SEGA also confirmed a mid-April release date for the Android version of the game. Though, keep in mind, only Android devices with the Tegra 3 chip will be compatible with this version.

Source: Phandroid


30 Responses to SEGA and NVIDIA Give Sonic 4 Episode 2 It’s First Public Demo, Give Rough Release Date

  1. April? That isn’t March! ;~;

  2. Sooner than expected? Awesome things just keep gettin better.

  3. Those are the graphics for an Andriod device with a tegra 3 chip?! Holy…wow. :O It makes me wonder what the graphics will be like for PS360! Hopefully the framerate will be smoother!

  4. sovereign73811 says:

    Cool…but I must admit…the player didn’t show the game off very well.

  5. inb4 same physics as Episode I

  6. I can understand the guy playing being really bad since he’s just there to demo the graphical capabilities of the Android device (Since Phandroid is an Android OS news site) but wow… you’d think this guys never played a video game in his life…

  7. Jeb the Hedgefox says:

    *sighs* Springs, dash panels, terrible gameplay, DIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMMMPS!

    But seriously, I couldn’t really understand all that was going on in this video at all, mainly because this guy is god awful. I must say though, that this level looks fantastic, by looks I mean graphics. Other than that, I’m wondering, is it coming in April only for Android and then we console gamers wait, or are all versions coming out then? This video does a terrible job of explaining anything, even with real gameplay on the screen.

  8. Yikes, both the player and the camera-person were awful. That said, the graphics and artistic design of the level look wonderful, and for some reason, I’m really liking the way the level is designed so far.

  9. God, what is it with people and sucking at VIDJAGAEMZ GEEZUZ!!!! argh. 😀

  10. AustinOnSugar says:

    That music. Absolutely energizing, and I could barely make it out. Much more lively than anything in Aquatic Ruin, Marble Garden, or Splash Hill! THIS is a first level in a Sonic game!

    And for those complaining about the overuse of springs/dash panels, keep in mind this is the first level of the game, intending to grab the gamer’s attention. Just like how Lost Labyrinth and Mad Gear “calmed down” on the speed aspect, I’m assuming this game will do similarly.

  11. okay they aren’t good, get over it

  12. That looks like a homing shot… SO why aren’t you using it… Man he sucked at this lol

  13. OMG It’s fuck beautiful! & that jumping doesn’t look as floaty as in E1… &… did my eyes decieve me, or did Sonic gain speed from going downhil?!!?! =D

  14. rulerofyourface says:

    YES The homing attack is back (i like the homing attack)

  15. well the other video said may and there would be 17 levels

  16. is it me or does this level remind you of sonic Fan remix?

  17. SuperSpindasher says:

    Wow, the guy fails at playing this game. I bet he purposely turned down the volume so we would’nt hear the music too. I bet that guy does’nt even work at SEGA…

  18. eXtaticus says:


  19. Interesting.

    Still not too much in terms of physics engine, but it looks fun even if they were a bit odd. I absolutely detest it when people are like “this game sucks!” and haven’t even tried it or watched a good LP of it ._.

  20. The game looked great, Although disappointed at the one demonstrating. Sonic games may not be the easiest to play but honestly, it’s not all difficult either, remember back in the day when graphics didn’t matter, only gameplay. If only it were still like that today. Another thing that bugs, so Metal Sonic is in this game, and they say it’s some sort of continuation in Sonic CD. Did anyone ever think that Amy (Rosy the Rascial) should have made an appearance, really, Amy and Metal Sonic made their debuts in Sonic CD. Then again, Rosy the Rascial may appear in Sonic 4 episode 3, who knows. Sonic 4 episode two still looks great overall.

    • Actually Metal Sonic made his first appearance in Sonic 2, not Sonic CD. Amy on the other hand made her debut in Sonic CD.

  21. will there be a demo for it on psn3/360