Some may find this new badnik un”bear”able. Some may find him to be totally loveable. My feelings on the matter are completely polar. Sega’s Snowy here may look menacing, but I bet good ol’ Bark is worse than his bite. (Okay, that’s stretching it.) If these puns leave you cold, I’m afraid the ones after the link are really square. (Y’know, sometimes these are so bad I wanna slap myself.)

This box seems to strike a bit of a resemblance to Orbot’s companion cube when he’s all folded up. Could this possibly be Cubot or is it just a normal box full of goodies? Ooooh I know! Sonic opens it up and we find a Schrödinger’s cat badnik!


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52 Responses to Pre-Bear Yourself For New Sonic 4: Episode 2 Concept Art

  1. Tis a doomsday box mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ::cough cough::

  2. huh… is it weird that so far these badniks look better than the originals to me by far?

  3. Jix Hedgehog says:

    The Bear looks like something right out of a MegaMan X game, the cube looks like Cubot alright.. or Bumblebee crushed into a cube ._.

  4. didn’t you mean Cubot? He’s the one who looks like a cube.

  5. Jeb the Hedgefox says:

    Wow, I love Snowy, sure he looks like more of a Megaman enemy, many other badniks also fit that characteristic. He just seems really menacing… like you’ll actually have to figure out a technique for him… yeah… and that Cubot looking cube seems pretty suspicious…

  6. I guess you could say….Cubot couldn’t….Bear to be left out of another game.

  7. That bear looks pretty damn awesome. Nice to see SEGA getting a bit creative with the Badniks.

  8. I really hope Cubot and Orbot make a comeback. They’re the best badnik duo since Scratch and Grounder
    PS: Bring back Scratch and Grounder

  9. I’m all over these new badniks =) they look great.

  10. espioofchaotix says:

    Every time I check Sonic Stadium for the concept art I’m also some what excited for your puns, Jason!
    And about the box…Hmmm it’s either a kind of bomb that explodes when it comes in contact with Sonic or a kind of a platform…

  11. Alexander the Swell says:

    I swear, these headline titles are the fucking tits. <3

  12. Snowy could be bigger than we are imagining and maybe the snow themed levels boss?
    the cube however maybe a more disguised version of the robotnik box trap from sonic 3?

  13. God I love bad puns. Also that polar bear is probably my favorite badnik for this game so far.

  14. Or maybe it’s not a box at all and just a floating platform.

  15. You guys are just getting unBEARable with these puns.

  16. sonicforthewin says:

    cool i hope that cube turns out to be cubot boss

  17. rulerofyourface says:

    THE PUNS!!!!!!

  18. Dude, please stop making the 4Kids-style puns. Please, we don’t want a repeat of Sonic X all over again.

  19. LOL at the bad PUNS The Polar bear badnik looks cool :) That cube does look like Cubot it’s probably a floating platform or part of a pf…

  20. I hope the polar bear is a sub-boss.

  21. It seems like they’re finally thinking outside the “box”.

  22. The Schrodinger’s cat joke made me LOL

  23. MilesKnightwing says:

    I guess this is all to much to BEAR. Really interesting screenshots, concept art, a gameplay trailer on the way. SEGA really spoil us.

  24. I don’t know why, but I love these puns.

  25. My these would be un cool for Sonic And Tails matbe Knukles can box these

  26. hahahaha it’s so punny :3

  27. LOL I can’t BEAR laughing at these bad puns bwahaha :L

  28. u oughto snow that bark would think it would be unbear to replace him as the main bear plus bark is an emphasis on his bark is worse than his bite especially with his cold attitude and his silent treatment.

  29. I love that bear XD

    I hope we see Orbot again. Kirk might be struggling with Shadow, but dang does he do a great Orbot.

    …Who are these jokes written by, lol? XD

  30. Sonic For Hire says:

    Jason man, i dont know how many more puns i can take from you…

  31. CUUUUUUUUBBE!! (Sonic Colours)

  32. Yeah, Snowy’s pretty COOL, I guess. Can’t wait to get my BEAR-HANDS on the game (I know, download only game, shut up). But that box looks very… FISHY…

    …So yeah, lookin’ forward to it. *cough*

  33. no shit? snowy is way cool.

  34. Its ice to meet you, Snowy.

  35. We’ve seen a platform and a box, but SEGA… Where is our tree!?

  36. Dear god, these puns.

    I think I’m going to puke.

  37. How can Orbot and Cubot come back if Sonic 4 Ep2 is chronologically earlier than Colours or Unleashed.
    (of course, i’m assuming that all Sonic 4 Eps are set just after the Death Egg saga with Sonic CD placed inbetween Ep1-2. I supose Ep2 could just be seen as a modern adventure).

    But are you people actually wanting characters who “only existed for cutscenes and dialog”?
    Is that what you want… Really… Cutscenes… and Dialog…?

    What would be cooler is if that box was similar to the MiniBoss of Launch Base Zone.
    ^Best Idea^

  38. D: Eggman Finally did it he Roboticized Bark the Polarbear D: poor one shot character lol

    puns are just wow.

  39. The new trailer’s out, you get to see Snowy in action!;
    Multi-hits? He’s sort of a miniboss badnik, after all!