Sega has released more concept art for the upcoming Sonic 4-2. Here, we see a Badnik called “Fullboar”. You know what he’s full of? Hedgehog-killing awesomeness, that’s what! This badnik is so deadly, Eggman got his flicky from a maximum security prison for killer flickies! (I lie.) Hopefully the full game will have even more original badniks and levels to keep it from being the mere copycat Sonic 4 was in design. Read on to find another new badnik. I aint (Sea) lyin’! (Ugh.)


This here’s Steelion. A Badnik so deadly his whiskers can cut you to ribbons! Stay tuned next week for more Sonic 4-2 Concept art. In the meantime, check the Sega Blog for pencils and an alternate color of Fullboar.

Dreadknux Edit: An earlier version of this story implied that these badnik designs were original. They are, in fact, homages to bosses found in the Master System and Game Gear versions of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. We have since punished Jason for the embarrassing error by forcing him to constantly do Chaos Emerald runs on Sky High Zone Act 2. He is crying right now.

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29 Responses to Boar…I Mean, More Sonic 4: Episode 2 Concept Art Released

  1. Looking good. :)

    Now all I need is a teaser/gameplay of one level. If it is original, then I will be so happy.

  2. A seal and a boar? Oh hell yes. I’m guessing that there will be a level with ice since there’s a seal and maybe a cliff-like zone for the boar.

  3. lol When I saw the name Steelion, I thought Gamefreak just release a new Pokemon, Steeleon.
    As Ricardo said, a teaser/gameplay of one level would be nice….then I shall rest easily on my happy cloud knowing that we at least know there’s some original badniks and an original level [insert do not steal joke].

  4. He looks a lot like one of the bosses from the Master System Sonic 2.

  5. Original Badniks!?! LIES!!! ALL LIES I TELL YOU!!!

    These are re-hashes / slight mods of the Sonic 2 zone bosses on the Master system – the Green Hill Boar and the Aqual Lake zone seal!

  6. Original level ideas in a Sonic game? Now this I gotta see.


  8. Are you serious guys? I just looked up the boss fights on YouTube, and they look NOTHING alike to the badniks here. Except the fact that the animals they’re based on are they same, they have nothing in common! You’d have to be colour-blind not to notice the difference between them, hell, even then you could still tell a *bit* of a difference.
    I suppose the sand worm in, say, Sandopolis is a rip-off of the worm in Marble Zone, because they’re WORMS. GAH! *grumblegrumbleswearunderbreath*

    • Eitherway, I actually like how they’re bringing back animals used in the 8-bit games since they are so overlooked.

      • Umm sonic doesn’t have 8bit games
        He started 16bit

        • You can’t be serious…
          – Sonic 1 (8-Bit)
          – Sonic 2 (8-Bit)
          – Sonic Chaos/Sonic & Tails
          – Sonic Triple Trouble/Sonic & Tails 2
          – Sonic Blast

          Others including:
          – Sonic Labyrinth (crappy game though)
          – Sonic Spinball (8-Bit)
          – Dr Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine (8-Bit)
          – Tails Sky Patrol
          – Tails Adventure
          – Sonic Pocket Adventure (if it counts)

          Look them up, mate.

  9. Could we see something next thursday as its GroundHOG day?just like in 2010 STH:E1 teaser with gameplay was releashed on that day

  10. I like that the sea lion seems to have Rotor’s (Boomer’s) color scheme lol…almost

  11. so this is what Pumbaa would look like if he was turned into a robot by robotnik.

  12. espioofchaotix says:

    If there’s sea lion badnick, then there probably is an aquatic or snow level.
    I sure hope there’s gonna be a snow themed zone this time. It’s bad enough there wasn’t any in Generations.

  13. I like it, looks like something classic while still being all new :)

  14. olderthansonic says:

    @ Dr Robotnick: I spotted that straight away too and I think it’s awesome that the 8 bit games are getting some recognition as they were just as big a part of my childhood :) Though the boar boss is more like the one from Gimmick Mt. than from Green Hills.

    @ ss3_Andinos : Try the boss from Gimmick Mt. and you may find it to be closer to the artwork above. I personally can’t wait to face him again :)

  15. MilesKnightwing says:

    Just watched the master system bosses. The new badniks look very different. Perhaps the new badniks could be mid zone bosses.

  16. stealion should be in splashhill zone

  17. the first one looks like my avatar

    • Without-WIng-I-Can-Still-Fly says:

      No, yours is a tepig with sunglasses. That is a red robotic boar with horns.

  18. I certainly like the red one better than the yellow color variant, as the yellow as too much yellow. I like the blue spikes on the red Fullboar too – reminds us of a certain hero, huh? I don’t think hedgehogs are related to boars, but hogs are. So by my logic, they are related, if only by name XD

    Walrus Sea lion! So cute <3

  19. I would say the boar gives me bad memories of Sonic 2 8-bit but I never got past aqua lake, the seal does very much.

  20. Ohh Sega, why are they so adorable that we must destroy them? =P