Many of you will know and love Dan Green for the many characters he has bring to life through his voice acting career across many different mediums – most notably voicing Knuckles the Echidna in recent years.

Unfortunately, Dan’s wife has passed away after giving birth to their twins last week. We here at the Sonic Stadium would like to extend our utmost sympathies at this time to Dan and his family in this tragic loss.

We call upon you, Sonic fans, to visit the Dan Green Guestbook. Here, you can donate to help Dan take care of his daughter and son. Even if you cannot spare anything monetary, spare a thought, leave Dan a message on the page, and show him the love and support he has from his many fans.

Thank you.

Visit the Dan Green guestbook by following this link

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32 Responses to Sign the Dan Green Guestbook

  1. he got my support

  2. I’m crying… Actually crying.
    I just feel really guilty that I can’t help support him.

  3. Oh my god :( that’s so sad what a shock my heart goes out to Dan and his family I’m very sorry for Dan’s loss, I know people will be there to support Dan including his fans we love you Dan Green and we’re sorry :(

  4. Hyper-sonicX says:

    Awwwww…… :(
    I support you Dan Green…. I’m sorry for your lost……

  5. I wish I could donate, but I’m broke :<

  6. Just heard the news wow I can’t believe it My prayers and thoughts are with Dan and his family, I support him and I’m sorry for his loss

    Jason Griffith and Mike Pollock are encouraging people to donate and support Dan I really wish I could but I just can’t and I feel really bad that I can’t donate I would if I could but I can’t, I feel really guilty like I’m letting Dan down :(

  7. my favorite voice actor voicing my favorite charecter this is so sad im doing a knuckles picture with him in the pic

    • I think Knuckles with… I think it’s Julie-Su he likes…? As an angel around him would be great.

  8. Sent my support to the family, the best that I can do since I have no money at the moment. I hope the best for the Green family.
    Those two beautiful twins has a caring guardian who loves them dearly and the love and support we’re giving him, no matter if you’re a Sonic fan or not, definitely makes that love even stronger.

    May his wife rest in peace, I know she’s smiling down at her daughter and son with tears of jubilation right now.

  9. That so totally sucks. 8C Made a lil donation and my thoughts go out to him. I couldn’t bear to be in that situation, this is such sad news.

  10. sonicwalter says:

    hmm… donno who she is but he’s got my support aswell. also shadzter, i found out that there are some sonic anniversary soundtracks on itunes. if you can tweet to me, i’ll give ya the links.

  11. I hope someone can get rid of that comment by The Fish. There’s bad comments and then there’s scum.

  12. Brianzilla2004 says:

    This is awful. I can’t imagine what he must be going through right now.

  13. Wow very upsetting and she died on my birthday too :( My condolences Dan Green & Family :(

  14. MeglifKaddy (Steph) says:

    Many condolences to her, she was a beautiful woman and an important part of Dan’ s life, remember just to stay strong x

  15. D:

    Poor Dan.

    Let’s do whatever we can do to support him D:

  16. WinningGamer/DieHardSonicFan says:

    Wow, how terrible. May his wife rest in peace.

  17. I’m sorry for your loss, Dan. Here’s hoping that you and the twins will be a fine family. I also hope that you’ll marry again eventually.

  18. FinalArcadia says:

    I had to hold back tears when I heard about this. I sent a message, wish I could do more. What a terrible thing to go through…

  19. I donated $20. Such a depressing thing to read right after work =[ I wish him the best.

  20. Death seems to be ganging up on anyone related to Sonic…

    The Satam guy died a while back and now this guy’s wife…

    Maybe Sonic is a curse…

    Michael was close to Sonic too…

    Creepy man…

  21. NauseousPenguin says:

    This is some sad stuff. :(
    It’s heartwarming to see that everyone is being so supportive of him, though.

  22. For what its worth, someone on /co/ started up a little draw thread via LiveStream. and is taking requests whenever you donate to Dan.

  23. Jix Hedgehog says:

    They found an excellent Knuckles voice actor, shame about all this thou :(

  24. TrueBlue170 says:

    Oh my God…I’m so sorry for your loss, Dan. May your wife rest in peace. :'( (And I always thought you were an excellent voice for Knuckles)

    I just wish I COULD donate something. If I could actually do something to help..:(

  25. darkherosonic says:

    Jeez… My condolences to Dan.

  26. I had the opportunity to meet both of them in the past. Two fun characters with beaming smiles and energy.
    Can’t believe this happened. As soon as I read about what happened, I left a note right away on the page linked through the article. v.v why.. why do these things happen?

  27. Dang, I am so sorry.

    I have often heard of cases like this, but I never thought I see it so close to sure.

    I am truly sorry for his lost and the for the children lost of their mother. I wish him the best overcoming this difficult moment. :(

  28. i feel so sorry for you!^^