As Generations creeps ever closer, here’s what we’ve been reporting on at TSS in the last week.

Sonic Generations (PS3/360)

Sonic Generations (3DS)

Now let’s mop up the rest…

So what’s been getting you guys excited over the last seven days? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be back for more next Sunday.

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20 Responses to Sum-Up Sunday: “We Love Sonic” Edition

  1. Sonic Skate just ended. I think it was more amazing in my mind that it was in reality.

  2. The third link about the T-shirt is a little broken.

    All I’ve got to say is ‘woo can’t wait woo’. :]

  3. I really love these new “Sum-Up Sunday” bits. It’s a great way to quickly catch-up on the latest happenings!

    Of course, I’m most excited about the Generations demo. I can hardly wait to play it this week after it becomes available to silver XBL members. :)

  4. Cool! You guys should do this every week or two, that is, if you can. :) It should be helpful to those who can only visit this website very little. This reminds me of how nintendo3dsblog does this, haha.

  5. last piece of news before my bday hit just now XD

  6. Goodbye18000 says:

    Other new stuff:

    Mike Pollock doing a Lets Play of Sonic Colors:

    And Some angry kid ranting about Sonic Generations… but remixed

  7. Nice :) will be helpful for others who can catch up on what’s been happening so far I agree with Ricardo and BlazingTales this should be done more often :) I can’t believe almost a week away till Generations comes out whoa :O

  8. There should be a SG countdown clock on this site. it’d be a pretty neat thing to do :).

  9. guys, gets what!!

    this is Sonic Generations ‘South Korea’ Release Date(s)
    11/01/2011 for PlayStation 3, XBOX 360
    same as the US.

    Sonic Generations (Xbox 360) Korean limited edition was here.

  10. Hey the SSBM has a new japanese magazine showing a cutscene, Emerald Coast, Silver and a possible Sonic Drift 2 unlockable for the 3DS version

  11. I love how you guys update a fair amount of times each day.It makes me think you guys will upload twice an hour.

  12. What about reatil in America?