2011’s Games Master Golden Joysticks awards have been presented in London today and SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog franchise won big with the Outstanding Contribution Award. The award is the first of its kind for the Golden Joysticks, and so it’s a big honour for SEGA and the Sonic series to receive it.

There’s also news from GirlGamersUK.com editor Diane’s Twitter feed that a new Sonic Generations trailer was shown at the Golden Joysticks. We’ll be sure pass that on here once SEGA releases it online.

Sources: CBBC Newsround and TSSZ News

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49 Responses to Sonic Wins Outstanding Contribution Golden Joysticks Award

  1. Woohoo! About time Sonic got some recognition…. I think it’s safe to say… he’s back on track to being the top dog -whoops- HEDGEHOG of the gaming world.
    Way Past Cool!

  2. I can’t wait :)

  3. Ahlgrens-car says:

    Awesome! Sonic certainly deserves this. I am sure that there are going to be more awards to come ^^

    @Shadzter Has the retail version of Sonic Generations on the PC received a release date yet btw? I can’t remember reading about it anywhere. Or is it going to be released the same day as the Steam version? Please answer. I want to know so I don’t accidentally miss out when it’s released :)

    • SEGA hasn’t revealed a release date for the retail PC version yet. They just said it would be made available later in November.

      • Ahlgrens-car says:

        Ok, thanks for the answer! I would have normally played on my Xbox but it got the red rings so the PC version will have to do. I just hope that I won’t have to wait for so long. Otherwise i’m probably going to spoil everything by watching videos on youtube…
        Really looking forward to the new trailer. I have never been this excited for a game. Sonic has always been the one thing that has made me feel young again 😀

        • On steam it says u can unlock it on nov. 4th if u preorder, but it sucks that there’s no demo on it yet.

  4. Neat.

  5. I heard about the exclusive trailer. I heard someone say it showed super sonic.

  6. Did we really have a doubt? xD

  7. post a link come one we know u have it

  8. That’s RIGHT he did. lol

  9. See Sonic will always come through.

  10. Does the golden joystick award mean that SG has awesome controls? lol

  11. I heard about this on the radio this morning in my Mum’s car. I was grinning like mad 😀

  12. way to go sonic! i knew you could do it ^^

  13. Advanced Challenge! says:

    wow…already making nominations and such before this comes out? This isn’t Mario…

    • It’s not Sonic Generations that got an award, it’s the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise as a 20 year whole :)

      • Advanced Challenge! says:

        what? are you serious? Well if this were mario i really wouldn’t be surprised…or kirby. but mario has 10 years, thus donkey kong/ jumpman (1980)

      • Advanced Challenge! says:

        well anyway i hope this game is good. last year was a great step to a nice path. so hopefully it’ll stay as is. 😀

  14. Man I want this game AND a Dreamcast and i only have $60. :( Can’t wait til Christmas!

  15. Awesome! Sonic is always No.1 😀 He always pulls through no matter what Woop Woop! Sonic deserves this so much :)

  16. SonicSilverSS says:

    Wow, amazing! Series defiantly deserves this!

    Also, seems like we’ve hada huge wave of news over the past 24 hours, haha.

  17. Im gonna play the Ignorance card and ask what does the Outstandind Contribution Award stands for.

  18. SonicMaster23 says:

    Awesome! Way to go, Blue! I’m so happy to see the series get some recognition.

  19. Now I know for certain, Sonic and most importantly SEGA and Sonic Team, ARE BACK!!!

    • Blur of Blue says:

      Yes they are!
      But, it makes one think; what games will they make next year?

      • Next Sonic game will be Sonic 4 Ep.II. I don’t think they will release any 3D sonic game next year. However I really wish for Sonic Adventure 2 on PSN & XBL. I never played this game.

  20. now when i play this i will look at my controller and say im am playing gold

  21. Blur of Blue says:

    If there’s another trailer, I think it will be a friends trailer, showing how they help in some missions.
    btw, I say this excluding the trailer shown with you know what in it (at the awards)

  22. So glad Sonic is finally getting the praise and recognition he deserves again after so long 😀 So proud

  23. Nice but i dont likem golden joystick awards infact alot of gamers dont like them, because they dont known much on games they say Legend of zelda Ocarina of time on 3DS is a RPG? and say Infamous 2 is a action adventure when its a sandbox game and donkey kong country returns is a platformer, and portal 2 won an award which doesnt make sense since that game came out this year not 2010….

    • I’m not gonna lie; I have absolutely no idea what you just said…

    • infamous 2 IS an adventure game donkey kong country returns IS a platformer (do you even know hwat platforming is ?) and portal 2 was made in 2010 but it dosent mean it cant get rewards

  24. Yeahh Sonic Won MARIO u lose 😛 >:D im so happy i can,t find the super sonic trailer were is it???

  25. Marcus Kemp says:

    YES! About time 😀

  26. Abridgedspeed says:


  27. so when is this new stage they are gonna present in france?

  28. rulerofyourface says:

    But… Skyward Sword was also nominated for that award. I would be honored if either won.

  29. well done sega! your really on fire this year, keep it up! also well done to sonic as well, keep on running blue dude

  30. Yep he never left so it’s not unusual. But ’tis awesome.

  31. MJay The Hedgehog says:

    you guys realise rooftop run was shown at paris games week

  32. YES! Sonic has been my favorite game character for so long! Sonic deserves that award! Can’t wait until Sonic Generations and further titles from the blue blur! Keep rocking SEGA!

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