Courtesy of Andriasang, we have some new screenshots and artwork from both PS3/Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS versions of Sonic Generations. Some of the screens and artwork are old, while others are new, so we’ve picked out the new ones for you and shared them here. In the images, we get a look at of the other areas of Seaside Hill (PS3/Xbox 360) and Casino Night Zone and Mushroom Hill Zone (Nintendo 3DS).

You can view all of the screenshots and artwork below.

Seaside Hill (PS3/Xbox 360)

Casino Night Zone (Nintendo 3DS)

Mushroom Hill Zone (Nintendo 3DS)


Source: Andriasang [PS3 & Xbox 360 screens, Nintendo 3DS screens]

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31 Responses to New Sonic Generations PS3/Xbox 360 & 3DS Screenshots

  1. holy shit that was cool

  2. Thomas Jones says:

    i hope both acts of Seaside hill will have both seaside hill and ocean palace worked into one composition

  3. eh, nothing good

  4. I think I may be one of the many few who is looking forward to playing Seaside Hill the most! This stage is so impressive to me!

    • I am really excited for it too! At first I thought it was a stupid choice, but I must say it’s shaping up to look fantastic, especially with the elements of Ocean Palace.

  5. Nuzamaki90 says:

    Anyone else think that 3rd Casino Night pic looks cute lol?

    Classic looks like he’s one of the Chaos rolling around for no reason XD

  6. hmm the 3ds screenshots look better this time. follow the rainbow sonic =D

    But being serious, Seahide hill looks beautiful ^^

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  9. NOOOOO!!!!! Don’t roll over classic Sonic!!! Run!!! RUUUUNNN!!!!

  10. Seaside Hill looks absolutely gorgeous,but classic gameplay still bothers me a little dunno why,just do :/

  11. silversunset23 says:

    I like how before we saw footage and screens of Seaside Hill I was thinking, “Really? Seaside Hill? The most generic level in Heroes?” but now I’m thinking like Sonic in Sonic Unleashed
    “Seaside Hill?

  12. PerfectChaos123 says:

    Those water effects are AMAZING. I don’t like how many people seem to take such things for granted.

  13. it all looks amazing!!
    i don’t know if i’m going to get the 3ds ver. or the others, i like both!! ^^

  14. Seems like them bumpers don’t give you points anymore..

  15. Blur of Blue says:

    I’ve found a bit more information on support character roles and the Death Egg boss – it’s pretty interesting :)

  16. TheBlueStriker says:

    This is very off topic and maybe be a spoil but someone loaded up Sky Santuary, Classic Sonic with music and all:

  17. wanna hear Ocean palace’s remix u.u

  18. I wonder…. If this is a time travel storyline I wonder if they’ll answer the booming question as to why hedgehogs spontainiusly gain eye color as they grow up…. Not that I’m complaining…. I just think it would be interesting if they mentioned it in the story line, id be expecting it to be a comedic scene. But I wonder if maybe they should have just changed modern sonic to have black eyes as well….. Just to match things up… For plot hole sake… I just know some fan boys going to complain about that lol.

  19. Considering I might be getting a 3DS for my birthday this week….I think I’ll also get The 3DS version of Sonic Generations just in time for Christmas :) and also Both versions of London Olympics :O WOW I almost forgot about the Olympics

  20. John Madden says:

    Man this game looks pretty. It’s always those minute details that get to me.