Just in time for for Sonic’s 20th B-Day comes a port of Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing to the iOS family of hardware. This includes iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It seems to be a closer port of the console version rather than the DS. Hopefully, this is the final port until SASASR 2 comes out. This thing’s been on every system imaginable and even to the arcades!

The best news out of this is an introductory price of $1.99 U.S., ~1.19 Europe! (I don’t know how to make that European $ key on my keyboard. Whaddya want from me? I’m a Yankee!) Make sure you have a newer model of iPhone/iPod as the framerate can get a bit choppy on older systems.

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14 Responses to Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Now Available on iOS Systems

  1. MrMetalloidMan says:

    Cool I guess, any 20th anniversary article coming today?

  2. Wasn’t there a rumor of a WP7 version at some point?

  3. Thomas Jones says:

    how many characters are there

  4. Thomas Jones says:

    for the UK only the currency sign is £ as for the euro i am not sure either

  5. DVD Smith says:

    Euro sign is Alt Gr+4 to give €. On UK keyboards at least.

    Yes that’s right folks, the Alt Gr key actually has a function! lol

  6. 2Dhedgehog says:

    So it’s 1.19€ in Europe! (Disrespect for not knowing how to make Euro (€) )

    I can make it by pressing E+Alt Gr
    or the hard way
    -Num lock = on
    -hold alt and write 0128 (using numeric keypad)

  7. Rickyrick says:

    Off topic, but I really liked.the SG demo 😛 The only thing was that the graphics looked a bit…weird(not good) I hope the full game will be in 1080p!

    • The Xbox Live Marketplace page for Sonic Generations says the Xbox 360 version is 720p, while the page on the PS Store says the PS3 version supports 720p and 1080p.

      • Rickyrick says:

        Do you think in the full game SEGA will put 1080p for Xbox? The Xbox can also support 1080.

  8. Truesonic says:

    SASASR 2? :O or are just wishing for that?

  9. DVD Smith says:

    I can confirm that the Sonic Anniversary Sale is also on Xbox Live, and Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles are also discounted. There’s no bundle, but all the games in the bundle are on sale on XBLA.

  10. AllHailShadow! says:

    What? The game doesn’t have Shadow, what is this?

  11. I hope they come out with extra content for this because it really needs more characters in the game( like ristar) and it would be nicest have a sound test.