Official Nintendo Magazine UK has gotten hold of the first screenshots of both Wii and 3DS versions of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. The screenshots were posted on their website this afternoon, together with details of new events (including Dream Events) shown off at a recent press event SEGA held for the game.

New 3DS events include 1000m Kayak, Breaststroke, the Race Walk, Judo and Balance Beam (this event not shown in screenshots). New Wii events in the game are canoeing, equestrian, Dream Long Jump and Dream Discus.

ONM confirms that no new characters have been added to the game and online multiplayer will again not be included, but the game will feature 4 player local multiplayer. The website also reports that the Wii version doesn’t support Wii Motion Plus.

For full details of the various events, head over to ONM. (Wii, 3DS)

Check out the screenshots below and see if you recognise the Dream Event locations:


Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the heads up!

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126 Responses to First Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Screenshots

  1. PastytheHuman says:

    A hedgehog riding a horse. There’s something rather perverse about that.

    • Indeed

      • This is odd, these aren’t comments about why the fastest Hedgehog is riding a much slower horse.

        • I see what you did there…

        • It’s a horseback riding competition, testing the skills of controlling a horse and making it jump over thingies. Why wouldn’t he ride a horse? It’s not like he can run around and do it with his imagination. xD

          • jingoi is referencing all of the people who used to keep asking why Sonic is driving a car in Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing when he’s faster on his feet back when that game was announced.

    • Streak210 says:

      Remember when people raged when he was in a car? Well, let’s brace for the storm. (not the Albatross)

      • General Blue says:

        Do you guys ALWAYS have to make a big deal about things just because they want to try something new with sonic? I didn’t hear anyone whine when they gave mario a large water gun in Super mario sunshine.

        • General Blue says:

          Really people? this is getting old.

          • You got a point there. If no one is arguing yet, why remind people about it possibly causing it to happen by saying “let the fight begin”??? wtf xD

    • Nintendo bros. 64 says:

      there’s a Plumber on a horse as well

  2. YoshiAngemon says:

    For one of the Dream Events, we see Windy Valley, the third segment from Sonic Adventure. As for one of the Other Dream Events, it’s Yoshi’s Story.

  3. I gotta say: it’s rather weird seeing Sonic, an anthropomorphic blue hedgehog, riding a horse.

    ….Thank god that SEGA didn’t decide to make the horses anthro as well: that’d be just all kinds of wrong!

    • YoshiAngemon says:

      And just thank them that they didn’t make him wield a sword while riding a horse. It was already done with Link, and HE made it look awesome! Sonic didn’t need to do that.

      • Why the hell would they do that anyways? I don’t recall there ever being anyone riding a horse with a sword in the olympics XD

  4. Sixth picture:
    *Looks like offical, Sonic and Amy are new couple and they having fun with Mario and Peach in Yoshi’s Story level in this dream event. ^^

  5. The Dream Events always make me yearn for an actual Sonic in Mario game (or vice-versa) where they actually cross game universes. Nintendo, Sega, please do that instead. And let Nintendo make it.

    • krazybean14 says:

      And what makes you think that Nintendo will get Sonic’s gameplay style right and not turn his gameplay sections into Super Mario Galaxy with a Sonic skin?

      and Vice Versa to SEGA too…they’ll make Mario run too fast.

      • Because Nintendo aren’t stupid. They have lots of franchises with plenty of different gameplay styles so they won’t make that kind of mistake. They could always have Sega overlook production as a backup.

        • Rickyrick says:

          Guys, I looked up a SPONG interview with the London Games. SPONGE asked why SEGA and Nintendo never thought aboout a crossover game? SEGA said that they bought a license to keep making olympic games. SEGA said that it would be almost impossible to put Mario and Sonic into a REAL GAME. They said that Mario and Sonic both come from 2 different backgrounds, and their gameplay style is very different too, so it would be hard for us to make a Mario and Sonic Adventure. SEGA also said that both Nintendo and SEGA haven’t really gotten the time to talk about this with Nintendo, about putting Mario&Sonic in an adventure game. SEGA said that it would be challenging to think of a universe were you could put a Speedy Blue Hedgehog with a Famous Plumber together. :( This just ruins everything…..Just from that interview, I can tell we won’t be getting a Mario and Sonic Adventure game anytime soon :/

  6. Chris K. says:

    Sonic on a horse… Aw HELL yeah… XD

    And the 3DS version looks exactly like the Wii! WOW!! O.O

    • lol, I know right. FOr a minute there I thought I was merely looking at Wii screenshots, but realized they were for 3DS with their “dual screen” orientation :p

    • BlazingChaos says:

      I thought the 3DS shots looked better…

  7. sonicdudefan1996 says:

    the 8th pic reminds me a lot like super smash. i would so like to see a level that if they ever make another SSB game. 3ds….?

    • Rickyrick says:

      HELL YEAH! Ive been thinking about it for years! But probably they are going to make another SSB for that Nintendo 2012 console ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Cephrien says:

    Not this shit again. :l

  9. krazybean14 says:

    The 3DS version looks GOOD…almost exactly like the Wii! Well, I’ll get this for my 3DS when it’s cheap enough. These games are normally fun with a friend and I have no one to play with…unless they add an online mode.

  10. sonic&tails says:

    3DS looks almost better than Wii

  11. I hope horse riding and something to do with Windy Valley is in the 3DS Version too!
    But we got Judo, oh yeah!

  12. sonictoast says:

    Wow, I’m getting this game for those dream events at the very least.

  13. The same roster?, crap, wheres rouge, rosalina, jet and diddy kong?,,screw SEGA, lazy bag.

  14. Its just a Money Grabbing Game, so im not interested, Just release Generations and Sonic 4 episode 2, thats all we need.

  15. SonikkuHedgehog says:

    Oiy, now this is just getting ridiculous.

  16. Hyper-sonicX says:

    Nintendo and Sega! YOU ROCK ON THE 3DS!

  17. Invader20 says:

    I’m defiently getting this game Awsome Games for SEGA are comming out Great this year.

  18. lol That’s either a small horse or a big Sonic. xD

    O.O Is that…. Windy freakin Valley!?? The second level and 4th gameplay segment of Sonic Adventure!? That’s even more random and cool than Radical Highway in Winter Games which is the reason I wanted to play Winter Games! (I don’t own any of the Olympic games but I want Winter games and this one now. xD)

    It looks like they’re getting closer and closer to making it an actual crossover game and mildly an Olympics-themed one. xD

    I want this game. Why? BECAUSE IT’S A GAME AND LOOKS FUN! That’s all that matters. xD I wondered how they could possibly have made this any different from the 2008 olympics since it’s the exact same event. I thought maybe more characters, better graphics, different VA’s, and maybe more events if they didn’t show them all the first time. Looks like they did just that but the Sonic/Mario world crossover thing is a nice touch. xD

  19. sonictoast says:

    Maybe there will be unlockable characters. That would be cool.

  20. Oh yeah, btw, the Mario and Sonic wrestling screenshot at the end… yeah neither of them have very much emotion on their faces! XD They’re obviously faking it for the shooting of the game. XDD

    • Rickyrick says:

      No, if you look in closely at Sonic’s face(his mouth) you can see its open, and that he looks surprised XD You have to zoom in towards Sonic’s mouth though :)

    • needsemail1 says:

      Mario: “I’m not getting a pulse…”

  21. bmhedgehog says:

    Nice to see windy valley again. *reads ryan’s comment and looks at pic* Yoshi’s Story? looks more like Kirby’s Epic Yarn to me.

    • Its ment to be Yoshi story, but yeah its looks more like Kirby Epic yarn lol thats the first thing i thought when i saw that image.

    • Thomas Jones says:

      right so that means i am not the only one who thought those screen shots looked like Epic Yarn

    • needsemail1 says:

      Kirby and Sonic at the Olympic Games. Why does that sound more appealing to me?

  22. Valormere says:

    hahahaha I’m sorry.
    That image with Wario giving his creepy grin with the word “blow” has got me in stitches.
    I think I need to get some sleep haha.


  24. damnhedge says:

    what did i tell you you crazzy little sonic genreations on the wii kiddies they want try out if generations could be like the wii on the 3DS 9if it comes to the concel that is) so here are som words of advice: go buy a 3ds
    go buy a ps3
    go buy a xbox360
    or just play colours

  25. damnhedge says:

    its a nice touch to put london in the background of the touch screen of the 3Ds btw

  26. Sonnikuu says:

    WTH horse with sonic hmm SEGA ur Epic win with ur ideas but that hores i dunno i agree with sega .Sega is gonna win from nintendo

  27. eww…really, looks kind of poor…I swear previous games looked a lot better than this =/

  28. OK, first off, what is Metal Sonic doing in water… HE COULD BLOW UP!!!!! And why is Mario looking like he’s gunna KILL SONIC?!?!?!?! Other than that, pritty sweet dude.

  29. HeroInferno says:

    I bet that what they mean by “no new characters” is “no new characters have been revealed yet.”

    Also I would kill to get Big in this game.


    Mario in windy valley… I never thought I’d see the day.

  31. No Online already ruins this game, there just Money grabbing games, there using sonic and Mario to make them sell thatโ€™s what goes on within the companies that produce games like these, its always mostly about the money, these are ment to be party games but what about the people that have no one to play with? or the people that have friends who hate these games? how will they grace the games full potential if they cant play Online with anyone? this is most likely the flop this year as free riders was last year. it will sell but not as many as the first one because casual players are still buying the first one as we speak, ive seen old copyโ€™s still getting brought, besides the first one was something kinda special now its become a Running Joke.

    • If there were just money grabbing, I think that adding online features would probably HELP them do that. lol

      I don’t know if you noticed, but ALL video games are just them money grabbing. That’s why they make them. xD It’s a product people want, so they make it and get money. duh. xD

  32. Metal Sonic wich is a robot not designed to swim is swiming?

  33. For some reason I enjoyed the pic where Mario kicked Sonic’s ass XD I love both of them equally though.

  34. krazybean14 says:

    …..That’s nice SEGA…NOW HURRY UP AND GIVE ME SOME SONIC GENERATIONS NEWS, I wan’t conformation of Hydrocity Zone NOW!!!

  35. WOW This looks SWEET ๐Ÿ˜€ I see Windy Valley OMG aaaah ๐Ÿ˜€ Hopefully other levels that didn’t make the cut in Winter Olympics will appear hear Horse Riding looks good so far and those other sports DAMN I can’t wait does anyone else think Red Mountain,Sky Deck, Frog Forest and other Sonic levels could make it here maybe 2 from most of the games Adventure,Adventure2,Heroes,Unleashed and Shadow only mains others aside Dunno about 06 O.o and obviously not from all games just a few so The Mario levels can have a fitting share too! XD

    Ya know I really wanted Icecap (SA) to be in Winter Olympics as well as Holoska…Ah well it’s long past now I’m just praying that this can be just as good as the last one or even better…

    The 3DS Actually looks impressive i think I’ll both versions ๐Ÿ˜€ to try out I’ve never played the DS Version of the Olympic games I’m still hoping we getv to play more than 20 characters not too much but slightly higher seeing as we had the same number of characters in The WG…

  36. no new characters have been added to the game and online multiplayer will again not be included

    Yet another game I will get…NOT!

    but lol, other than the pic of Sonic riding a horse. I find the one where Mario is grabbing Sonic’s hand absolutely wrong in so many levels.

  37. Like, omg, Sonic is riding a horse. How. Could. He? >.<

  38. But seriously, I’m liking these screenshots. It gives a nice sneak peak on what Sonic and Mario could look like in their own Platforming adventures in the near future. Sonic no longer has polygonal spines. ๐Ÿ˜€

  39. Sonic riding a horse?!
    Mario and Sonic are… Team Sonic?!

    Anyways, everything above is cool, if not unexpected.

    • Rickyrick says:

      No, Mario and Sonic doesn’t equal Team Sonic. Whenever your playing a team game, and whatever character you pick first, is the name oof the team. SEGA picked Sonic, then Mario. That’s why the team name is TEAM SONIC. Get it now?

      • needsemail1 says:

        So, if someone picks Dr. Eggman and then Sonic, they become Team Dr. Eggman? Oh noes!

        • Rickyrick says:

          Exactly ๐Ÿ˜€ xD
          Well in the boat competition, Mario and Bowser were teaming up! So why not Eggman and sonic? ๐Ÿ˜›

  40. And wow, it’s Windy Valley! I almost missed it. :)

  41. The graphics on the 3DS are looking good. :)

  42. HarryControl says:

    There is actually nothing really perverted about Sonic riding at all. It’s all your interpretation that makes it seem so. Sonic is anthropomorphic. The horse isn’t. Must I say more?

  43. Why can’t they just put those two in something more interesting, i mean really? Olympic mini games? Who thinks of this crap…

  44. sonicdudefan1996 says:

    well if generations adds windy valley we’ll know what it could look like visually and detailed.

  45. Rickyrick says:

    I heard only SEGA Japan was developing the game, so don’t give Nintendo any credit. Also, on that website Shadzter posted for MASATLOG(London Games) details, it said SEGA was planning to make a party mode! I hope its similar to Mario Party. The Winter Olympics Party Mode sucked bawwlls…..cuz you don’t even play minigames, you just do events to get the upper hand >:( I hope SEGA gets this party mode right ๐Ÿ˜€

  46. Rickyrick says:

    I’m hoping to see a Super Mario Sunshine stage! I’m totally gonna get this game! One of the reasons I’m getting the game, is because I never got the first olympics, so, why not get a newer version of it? ๐Ÿ˜› Do any of you guys know how many dream events their will be? I hope they have more than 10! I think Winter Olympics had 8…also, what dream event stages do you think they will have?

  47. Here’s unlockable characters:
    Speed: Jet, Birdo, Espio and Diddy Kong
    Skill: Rosalina, Cream, Toad and Rouge
    Power: Omega, Big, King Boo and Dry Bowser
    All-Around: Eggman Nega, Charmy, Dixie Kong and Dry Bones

  48. Hereโ€™s unlockable characters:
    Speed: Jet, Birdo, Espio and Diddy Kong
    Skill: Rosalina, Cream, Toad and Rouge
    Power: Omega, Big, King Boo and Dry Bowser
    All-Around: Eggman Nega, Charmy, Toadette and Dry Bones

    Cameos: Dixie Kong, Tikal, Chaos, Marine, Koopalings, King Bob-omb, Funky Kong, E-102 Gamma, Froggy, and more

  49. Hereโ€™s unlockable characters:
    Speed: Jet, Birdo, Espio, Diddy Kong, Wave and Shy Guy
    Skill: Rosalina, Cream, Toad, Dixie Kong, Chaos and Rouge
    Power: Omega, Big, King Boo, Storm, Funky Kong and Dry Bowser
    All-Around: Eggman Nega, Charmy, Tikal, Koopa Troopa, Toadette and Dry Bones

  50. Kintobor says:

    So does that mean that they are going to extend the scenery for the Dream Events towards the Mario spinoffs as well?

    Also track record for the third game for releasing the Robotnik pictures along with Wario and Waluigi. Nintendo knows their villains.

  51. SageClan95 says:

    i never thought that mario is gonna be in windy valley sonics stage ^_^ and here we go again -_-

  52. is it just me or does the 3DS one look like it has better graphics than the wii one.

  53. Sonic: “I’m on a horse.” *Plays Old Spice jingle ROFL

  54. Johnny2071 says:

    Sonic: Uh, why am I on a horse?

    • Sonic: *sees others on a horse as well* Did I miss something? How long was I out for geez!

  55. Hmmm windy valley

  56. damnhedge says:

    no freaking way big is coming in this game

  57. Will ever be story mode for both 3DS and Wii of Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games?
    Bowser and Eggman wants destroy the 2012 London Olympic Games and get seven Chaos Emeralds and several power stars, it’s up to Mario and Sonic will stop them and help his friends to battle Eggman and Bowser.
    – Rival Battles
    – Bosses
    – Olympic Events
    – Longer Story Mode
    – CGI Cutscenes and ingame cutscenes
    – Super Sonic and Fire Mario in Final Boss
    – Interact with Sonic and his friends and Mario and his friends
    – Unlock 16 new playable characters after story mode
    – Unlock Rival Battle Mode
    – Unlock new dream events
    – Unlock new olympic events
    – Unlock new Mario/Sonic related clothes for Miis
    – All 20 playable characters for story mode
    – Unlock Sound Test Mode
    and many more!

  58. Will ever be story mode for both 3DS and Wii of Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games?
    Bowser and Eggman wants destroy the 2012 London Olympic Games and get seven Chaos Emeralds and several power stars, itโ€™s up to Mario and Sonic will stop them and help his friends to battle Eggman and Bowser.
    – Rival Battles: Jet, Wave, Storm, Rouge, Omega, Rosalina, Birdo, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong and more
    – Bosses: Petey Pirahna, King Boo, Eggman, Bowser, Metal Sonic, and more
    – Olympic Events
    – Longer Story Mode
    – CGI Cutscenes and ingame cutscenes
    – Super Sonic and Fire Mario in Final Boss
    – Interact with Sonic and his friends and Mario and his friends
    – Unlock 16 new playable characters after story mode
    – Unlock Rival Battle Mode
    – Unlock new dream events
    – Unlock new olympic events
    – Unlock new Mario/Sonic related clothes for Miis
    – All 20 playable characters for story mode
    – Unlock Sound Test Mode
    and many more!

  59. Well, they knew My Little Pony was doin’ big amongst the fanbase so-

  60. Why does Sonic NEED a horse?! :p

    • Because dressage isn’t a racing event. It’s about controlling a horse through a set pattern of jumps. XD

      And if the event were horse-racing, then it would specifically be in the name that he requires a horse. XDD

      But it’s mostly because he can finally say he’s on a horse! *dadadoo doo dadoo-doo*

  61. Sonic’s not wearing a life vest this time! (Rowing picture)

    • That’s because he doesn’t intend to fall in XD

      Now, if I was his rowing partner…I’d, you know, maybe nudge him in…

      Also, I’m betting that horse’s name is Twister. Just saying XD

  62. Sea-Salt says:

    So when are we gonna get a TRUE crossover game? : /
    The screenshots showing a Kirby-ish background with a giant Bullet Bill seems like the closest we’re gonna get, it seems.

    C’mon, Nintendo and Sega, quit being such a tease.

  63. Seeing those screen makes me wonder why Sonic didn’t ride on a horse in Black Knight. lol

  64. the problem is Bowser an riding a horse XDD

  65. The Royal Princess says:

    It would be nice to finally have a crossover game. I don’t mind the Olympic series, but in truth, it does get boring. You buy it and play it for about a week, and after you finish the game, it’s not very fun anymore. What I would do is borrow the game, play it, and see if you like it. If you don’t, at least be happy you didn’t buy something you didn’t like. If you did like it, consider buying the game so you can own it. But still, a crossover adventure game does sound interesting, and would probably last longer than the Olympic series. Colors was a great game overall, and even though I don’t really like Mario all too well… Bowser’s Inside Story was a good game. Hopefully, Sega and Nintendo will snap out of the Olympics and think about a way to combine the two characters to create a good adventure game.

  66. Dillssclametcs says:

    Will you guys shut the hell up and stop complaining! I’m glad that sega won’t make a sonic and mario adventure game because personally i dont like the like the idea of a world renowed hero sonic the hedgehog being bogged down with some lame mario gamplaystyle. This is just bad eneough that there making these shitty olympic games so just enjoy that. And keep mario where he belongs, on his own shitty series with slow paced gameplay! and if your mad at my comment whos cares, go back to your lil nintendo sites.

  67. I wonder if they gonna add miis in this game like they did last time with Mario and Sonic 2010 Winter Olympics Games? Because if they don’t I would be mad.

  68. Are they gonna put in Miis as a playable character? Because they did it the last time they used it on “Mario and Sonic 2010 Winter Olympic Games”.

  69. look i want this in a 3ds emulator cuz it rox yah and its just that i handle epicness so good i play games EPIC GAMES im kinda liking the game already once i heared of it so im kinda some how uhh never mind

  70. SonicTH.Infinity says:

    Well… even weirder, donkey kong riding a horse xD!!

  71. elliot9034 says:

    im getting it the day it comes out im getting special edition bundle

  72. elliot9034 says:

    with the special edition you get a steel tin a poster a note book and a te-shirt.I hope theres going to be more different sports to the other mario and sonic olympic games.the trailer is really good