SEGA has just released a new trailer for Sonic Colours, which gives us our first look at the Purple Wisp and its “Frenzy” power in action. This power sees Sonic chomp through enemies and various other obstacles in his way. We also see plenty more gameplay footage showing the Blue “Cube”, Pink “Spike” and Green “Hover” Wisps in use, all exclusive to the Wii version of the game. Some more CGI footage is shown in the trailer too. A piece of hi-res artwork of the Purple Wisp is also available below.

Source: SEGA of America blog

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32 Responses to New Sonic Colours Trailer Shows Purple “Frenzy” Wisp

  1. TheHumbleFellow says:

    It’s freaking Pacman!


    EPIICCNEESS i want this game NOW

  3. It’s freakin’… freaky! 0_o

    Lovin’ the music though. Can’t wait for this game!

  4. Did Sonic just ate me?
    Anyway, this trailer music sounds very Jun-ish to me, but what track could this be?
    Either Asteroid Coaster or Boss music.
    God I love this game.

  5. Indigo Rush says:

    Excellent! I’m glad to see they kept the spindash in there in some form. Absolutely excellent, Sonic Team.

    Pff, and you people thought Iizuka San was mental.

    …..? :V

  6. 2010 will now be known as the year that people actually liked a 3D Sonic game better than a 2D one.

    …Who would’ve seen that coming a few years back?

  7. cobanermani456 says:

    This is awesome

  8. UndeadZombi says:

    Awesome! Purple wisp looks like it came in honor for Spirit Day!

  9. It’s official. This is the BEST 3D Sonic game EVER!! November 12th come NOW!!

  10. Music is freaking amazing.

    Spin dash looks like the best spin dash ever.

    Asteroid Coaster looks freaking amazing.

    …Sonic Colors looks freaking amazing.

  11. Radioactive Puppy says:

    I was wondering how they were going to go about the whole “frenzy” thing.

    They did it well.

  12. krazeeKidd102 says:

    I wish I could watch the trailer NOW!

    But sadly I’m at school on a desktop with no flash player and Websense blocking me off of YouTube. I can go on a proxy site, but there’s no point in that if I can’t watch videos.

    *sigh* :(

  13. The purple wisp reminds me of the werehog. Is that good or bad?

  14. HeroInferno says:


  15. November 12th: Sonic Colours AND Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. I will surely forget what the sun looks like by the holidays…

  16. ccproject72 says:

    2010 the year sonic rose from the dead ( without getting herpies )

  17. Purple Frenzy DOES remind me a little of the werehog. o.o Judging from the footage of it though, it also reminds me of being invinisible more then anything. About the growing thing.. I really don’t know.

    And the music SO sounds like Jun influenced work. I have a feeling too that might be from Asteroid Coaster.

  18. It’s just as i said from the start…KAPU KAPU!

    Serious note though, I love how they’ve got all these unique powers, and even more impressed that they’ve used them in CGI cutscenes =D again demonstrating powers that you can do rather than misleading you.

  19. @Reku
    I’m a bit glad that the werehog isn’t there though.
    Otherwise though the game looks great. Even better than Sonic 4 for ps3.

  20. Here is Asteroid Coaster Map Theme obtained from official website via hack:


    Enjoy :-)

  21. Warrior-STH says:


    Took the words right out of my mouth. 😛

  22. looks like so much fun and the music was greatthat i cant wait

  23. New trailers make me happy.

  24. JasonTheJackass says:

    Woah. Sonic’s got Pac-Man fever.

  25. See, sonfan1984? I told you he was like pacman. XD

    And that trailer was awesome! 8D Can’t wait for the next 2. ^_^

  26. @FoxBoy: I don’t remember ever talking to you before. o.O

  27. I don’t get it. Why does his Frenzy design look different in game than it does in the cinematic at the end? XD lol


    Sorry. Was probably my friend using my account. XD Long story. He talked to you. =P

  28. Miles Per-Hour says:

    Has anybody noticed how much platforming Colors has over Unleashed. I remember watching a video about how one of Sega’s henchmen said that it’s, “like the day stages of Unleashed” but its not, its almost more similar to that of Adventure 2.


  29. Well the Frenzy Wisp makes sonic look rather hideous… It’s about the only thing I dislike about the game so far. I like the granted ability it provides though. I’m at the peak of anticipation waiting on this game and my hat. I even purchased a Sonic action figure as a sign of my high expectations and hype for Sonic Colours.


    Yes I have noticed the great deal of platforming in Sonic Colours, which is FANTASTIC to say the least! I’m generally a more difficult Sonic fan to please and this game is marking all the right notes. In fact it’s the first cannon Sonic title to get me this hyped since Sonic Adventure 2. Bravo SEGA! We can only hope they don’t fire the current members of Sonic Team prematurely.

  30. @Milo: LOL, the Frenzy Wisp is suppose to make Sonic look hideous and freaky looking. The wisp itself looks pretty freaky and kinda cute, too. xD That’s way it’s one of my favorite wisp in the game so far.

  31. Aww, man! I wanted to be the one to compare the frenzy wisp to Werehog…

    Oh well! Now I feel less like a cult Sonic Unleashed freak! ^^”

  32. OMG! It’s Violet Wisp’s evil twin! :O Oh wait: how can that be? They BOTH look evil. XD