In a post at the Sonic City Blognik this morning, SEGA Europe Community Manager, ArchangelUK has revealed seven more facts about Sonic Colours and also unveiled official artwork for robot duo Orbot and Cubot, the latter who was revealed last week in a Sonic Colours manga book.

Here are the seven new bits of information:

1) Orbot’s compatriot is indeed called “Cubot” as some detectives have been able to deduce. He’s a cube shaped robot – ‘Cube-Bot’, much like Orbot is spherical, (quite literally ‘Orb-bot’ and also an anagram of robot if you hadn’t noticed) who is… er… a little defective shall we say.

2) Since you like Orbot so much, here is his character render in high quality PNG format. He has had a bit of a paint job by the looks of things.

3) FOXY FACT: Tails can read binary fluently.

4) Contrary to reports elsewhere, Amy Rose does NOT feature in the story of Sonic Colours Wii. Seriously, unless she’s become an invisible mute post-Unleashed I’ve seen nothing to indicate otherwise.

5) We will see the “consequences” of Sonic destroying a giant robot… in more than one sense. DUN DUN DUUUNNNN!

6) The curly haired Wisp is called Yacker, he is the Wisp Sonic and Tails communicate with to find out what is going on. A silent guide if you like to the world of Wisps.

I officially award kudos points to Umiyuri incidentally who identified the name first, as far as I can see.

7) Oh, okay then here’s Cubot’s character render too.

ArchangelUK also revealed at the SSMB today, the name of the new Sonic Free Riders track he spoke of in another update this morning. The track is called “Rocky Ridge“.

Source: Sonic City Blognik

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23 Responses to Sonic Colours: Orbot & Cubot Art and More Info

  1. Nice going with news like those.
    Can’t wait to hear something about the special edition.

  2. The part about Amy doesn’t make sense. She doesn’t feature in Sonic Colors story?

  3. I’d heard rumors that she might appear in the DS version


  5. KNUCKLES appear in the DS version

  6. One is a genius, the other’s insane. 😀

  7. If those “consequences” are Sonic turning into a vampire, then I’m outta here…

  8. Could we say Orbot and Cubot are badniks?

  9. TheHumbleFellow says:

    Tails can read binary? How much of a nerd do you have to be to do that?

  10. Superstarsmasher says:

    I couldn’t help it. Started singing after reading your comment.

  11. Who’s willing to bet that the consequences will be destruction and none of the characters will care. I mean, if they didn’t care about the destroyed Station Square then why would anyone care about a robot blowing up?

  12. Okay, not to sound like a jerk who wants to take credit for everything, but technically, I guessed it first.

    When I posted that news report, I put Cubots name in the subtext and in the image of Cubot himself. But, since I didn’t put his name in the header or the article itself, it would have been hard to spot.

    But Umiyuri does deserve the credit though. She went the extra mile of translating the Manga part that was showing.

    It’s true about Tails. His favorite song is “You’re the 001010101001 for me.” XD

  13. TheHumbleFellow says:

    Jason: ROFLMAO!!!


  15. @Jason: Dude, he meant ‘Yacker’, not Cubot.

  16. Awesome info! The part about Sonic destroying a robot and there being consequences is interesting..


  18. @Superstarsmasher

    My work here is done.

  19. JasontheJackass says:

    @Umiyuri My bad. I remember that. I thought “Yacker? Nah, couldn’t be!” But you were right on that one.

    I guess since he’s a silent guide, the name “Yacker” is meant as ironic.

  20. Why no Amy, I think the game won’t have any girl in it.

  21. I also just realised that Orbot had a paint job..he was Silver in Unleashed.

  22. I personally like the paint job. It makes him look better

  23. espioofchaotix says:

    I wish there were more playable characters in the game…