Not long ago, began listing “Special Edition” bundles for the upcoming game Sonic Colours. Now, it seems, we may know what these bundles will come with. The Dutch video game retailer “Nedgame”, has now listed its own Sonic Colours bundle on its website, “Sonic Colours + Figurine (Bundel)”. Forum member Kjeldo posted this on our message boards, took the screen cap which I have included below:

At the moment, nothing is officially confirmed by SEGA in regards to a “special edition” bundle. Some kind of Sonic Colours related figurine? I’d get one!

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16 Responses to Sonic Colours Figurine Bundle Listed On Dutch Website

  1. Coolies! I hope they bring this out to the states as well as other areas too. ^-^

  2. I want it. I dunno what kinda Sonic figurine it is but I want it./

  3. If this is true, the special edition will be mine.
    Hopefully T didn’t already pre-ordered all of those XD.

  4. Wisp stylus, perhaps?

  5. People just bought Sonic 06 for the figurine lol

  6. looks liek a bundel of joi

  7. Jix Hedgehog says:

    Called it in the other thread! But it’ll probably be an already existing F4F or Jazware figure

  8. Whenever I heard the word “figurine”, I thought it would be a small statue, not an action figure. There are differences. Anyway, I hope the bundled edition comes to other countries.

  9. wait arte there 2 versions sonic colours for the wii???

  10. and wat the heck is a figurine I WANT IT

  11. Jazwares announced that they will be making new figures for Sonic Colors. That’s most likely the figure it will come with

  12. Jix Hedgehog says:

    3 for 3! I’m on a roll

  13. I bet it’s either a wisp or Sonic and Tails

  14. JasontheJackass says:

    I may have it figured out.

    While me and Nux were interviewing Iizuka there was some tiny plastic figurines of some of the Wisps under the T.V. I haven’t seen them outside of that interview room. They wouldn’t make plastic molds and only make one set of these would they?

  15. I have to admit (well my inner nerd does) but I like the idea of collectable figurines coming with the special edition of Sonic Colours.

    Maybe Sonic and some kind of Wisp alongside him. Sounds good to me.

  16. You guys think that we’ll be able to pre-order a special edition from stores, or it’ll be an internet purchase exclusive?