Looks like we got our first look at the new bot in town.  Orbot’s new buddy helps make this team the new “Scratch and Grounder.”  These images are from a recently released Sonic Colors manga:


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Big thanks to R@qH1eL in the TSS forums for the pics.

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56 Responses to First Look At Orbot’s New Counterpart

  1. i want to see scans of this manga! then i can translate it for everyone!

  2. Is this the name of the wisp?
    Would love if somebody would translate it.

  3. O-bot and Q-bot?

    As for the Wisp there… I think that red circle calls him Yacker… wait, Yacker?

  4. Is it really Q-Bot? Cuz “Cubot” was my first guess! Just check the name of the top image.

  5. I want that manga.

  6. I think the white wisp’s name is yatsuka or yashika? But I don’t know… not sure. I tried the script, i can’t tell the difference between shi and tsu.

  7. Everytime I guessed something “the new bots’ color and his name” I then saw the top image and the above comments and realized “oh.. guess he IS yellow and his name IS likely Cubot… I’m slow. XP” lol

    btw, is White Wisp gonna be this game’s Chip? (y’know… mixed with Flickie. XP)

  8. yatsuka is a place in japan, an asteroid and can also been used as a feminine name… Is it a girl?

  9. I was kinda hoping that it would be Vectorman; Orbots being your main enemies in his first game…

  10. … Oh God, no.

  11. Someone please translate the Wisp’s name! How can Yatsuka be it’s name?!

  12. @SlugDrones: I was thinking Yakker, since the ‘tsu’ is smaller than the other text, and so it’s now actually a sokuon, which indicates a geminate consonant. Basically, you stress the sound of the next consonant.

  13. OH so that’s ORBOT…can’t wait for his return and his buddy too..

  14. @umiyuri: call me drones. Anyways… If it is yakker then where did the ”r” come from?

  15. Somewhere out there, Scratch and Grounder are crying.

    (But man oh man, Orbot and Cubot are going to be awesome)

  16. 1st picture: Orbot looks like a smart***, while Cubot seems kind of clumsy.

    Yeah I guess we can confirm a new Scratch & Grounder epic duo! (sort of, because unlike Orbot, S&G were both dumbots, and they were afraid of Rrrrrrrobotnik)

    2nd pic: Orbot has a “I’m going to kick your ***” face while Cubot seems to be in “bring it on!” mode. <3

    With the eggpawn behind makes me thing about a gangsta band of Broniks yo! *birck'd*

  17. The fat one reminds me the fat guy that is thug of doronjo.


  19. TheHumbleFellow says:

    Kits’Okami: What’s the problem? Having the little bot with a big mouth back can only be a good thing!

  20. @TheHumbleFellow: It’s not Orbot I’m worried about, it’s his new buddy. It gives me “Scratch and Grounder” vibes.

  21. Kits’Okami: and that’s no good? O_o

    Why? :(

  22. @gato: You can think what you like, but I found those two annoying and I definitely don’t want a duo like them in the Sonic games.

    Unless, of course, Orbot and Cubot end up like Pinky and the Brain, which in that case I’ll have no problem.

  23. I’d welcome Orbot new buddy with open arms!

    I’m guessing that Orbot is the one who disses on Eggman alot while his buddy is more forgiving.

  24. A square counterpart seems interesting, if he is pretty much of a counterpart then I hope he try’s to make an attempt to make a joke at the wrong time, and the icing on top would be a grounder like personality! But then again…There still needs to be a translation to that line he made in the manga , still keep wondering what he said?

  25. @ Kits’Okami

    Totally agreed . Couldn’t stand SA-55 in Unleashed and I think the news of his return and even this counterpart is a kick in the teeth. Seriously, the humour was already dumbed down to a 8 year olds for Unleashed so why do we need a repeat performance?

  26. Alot of fans liked him apparently.
    I liked that he’s the first of Eggman assistants that’s not afraid to say that Eggman plans sucks and how miserable and humiliating his losses is.

  27. TheHumbleFellow says:

    ProjectZuel: Because it’s already been made apparent that NO ONE wants dark stories in Sonic games anymore.

  28. and like I said before I might just know who will voice orbot or his counterpart

  29. @ProjectZuel: It’s not that I don’t like Orbot (he was the only attempt at humor in Unleashed that was geniunely funny), I’m just worried that with the introduction of a thick side-kick like Cubot that they will become a third Scratch and Grounder. Totally agree with you on Unleashed’s humor.

    @TheHumbleFellow: I do. Well, not dark-to-the-point-of-stupid-AKA-Shadow-the-Hedgehog dark. Something along the lines of Adventure (preferably 1) or Riders (again, preferably 1) is perfect.

  30. Eh… They rule my world.

    Okay, so Umi is right I guess, the White Wisp is Yacker… I don’t like the name… I was thinking of Spring, Springy, Curl, Curlie or maybe a nice name that is related to plants, flowers, the stars, an asteroid, rainbows, dessert… I was thinking of a pleasant, nice-sounding name but Yacker? Sounds wierd doesn’t it? But who knows? Maybe that is not its name.

  31. What’s the name of the magazine?

  32. @Kits’Okami: Funny…I’ve never looked at Sonic Adventure or Riders 1 as ‘dark’ games especially Riders. That game has more ‘8 year old’ kind of humor then Unleashed has. Riders 2 feels alittle bit darker then the first game but I still perfer the stories to be light-hearted.

  33. @sonfan1984: Yeah, I admit “Riders 1” was a bad example of a “dark” game, but I wouldn’t mind a story like the Adventures again. Also, “Riders'” may have been juvenile, but at least it made me laugh, unlike in Unleashed where I’d just cringe throughout the cutscenes…

  34. Heh, that’s the complete opposite with me. Riders cutscenes made me cringe alittle while I’d thought Unleashed is somewhat amusing but has it’s cringe moments. I think Chip is mostly the reason why I’d think some of the cutscenes in Unleashed is cringeworthy.

  35. Did everyone suddenly forget the ‘Name the Sonic 2 Badnik” translation contest that happened a while back? The English name may be something entirely different than the Japanese translation.

  36. @SlugDrones: I wrote it ‘Yakker’ because it’s slightly easier to wrap your head around than ‘Yakkaa’.

  37. And also, ‘O-bot’ and ‘Q-bot’ is me not recognising the obvious shape pun. Bugger. XDD

  38. looks like Decoe and Bocoe to me

  39. Woo, more people to mock Eggman! xDD

    I loved O-bot in Unleashed, made me literally laugh out loud.

  40. Hmmm, You know, I like this. Scratch and Grounder were annoying at first, but you grow to love them over time. Sleet and Dingo were less likable then Scratch and Grounder then Bocco and Decco were the worst of all. However, I am glad that the Video games are starting to lean towards the more cartoony concepts (much like how Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood borrowed so much from Sonic X and the Archie comics). I think this will prove to be a much more memorable and gratifying story experience.

  41. I’d rather have a light-hearted story rather some wannabe grunge-fest anytime. It’s a video game series about a talking cartoon hedgehog srsly imo trying to make the series mature is more iritating than adding a few jokes.

  42. Nice!

  43. “Cartoony-talking-hedgehog” or not, the characters are all portrayed as having HUMAN and REALISTIC personalities. I agree with Foxboy; he is realistic enough to warrant a somewhat serious game. And by serious, I don’t mean lack of humor… I just mean a plot with some depth and struggle in it – not overkill, but just something like the Adventures and Unleashed. I thought they balanced out the ‘childish’ side of Sonic games with the ‘serious’ side of Sonic games perfectly. SONIC GAMES SHOULD BE MADE TO APPEAL TO EVERYONE, not just 6-12 year olds as we’ve been hearing lately. Just because a story isn’t completely stupid and happy doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a ‘grunge fest,’ either.

  44. I kinda agree but I dont want them to overdo the seriousness like they did with Shadow [Shadow overusing the word ‘damn’guns, vehicles, Shadow trying so hard to be a badass, etc] and Sonic ’06 [over dramatic complicated storylines, character deaths, game takes itself WAY too seriously, etc]
    SA2 IMO is the only ‘serious’ Sonic game that is done right without being over the top serious.

  45. I think that the apocalyptic sonic adventure story had a good balance of seriousness and humor. Seriousness=Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, E102-Gamma, chaos, tikal getting trampled on 😉
    Comedy/Jokes= Amy, and BIG the fat purple thing.
    I wish they could make another game just like Sonic Adventure. Though I must say, i do enjoy sonic games like colors.

  46. @sonicfan1984
    Sonic Adventure was serious. Sonic 3 & Knuckles was serious. They accomplished these things too. That’s why the the classics and the Adventure series are legends!! XD


    Sonic.. Colors ADVENTURE!… YES!! *throws fist in air* XD lol

  47. took me a while to realise those puns of cube-bot and orb-bot haha

  48. Cool, I want that manga!!

  49. Should’ve just had Tankbot instead of Orbot.

  50. @Foxboy: my name is not spelled “Axi” its “AxL” and its just a nama of a character I like.

  51. SonikkuHedgehog says:

    Nothing will replace Scratch and Grounder.

    They should’ve put them in the game.

  52. I might know who will play them seriously I DO

  53. @Axl-fox

    DO’H! >.< I should've seen that but I didn't. Sorry. ^^;
    Thanks for the response!!

  54. Orbot? …Is that “Ergo” from Unleashed?

  55. >Sonic Colors Manga

    WHY US, WHY?!?!?

    Do want so bad just…because. ;_;

  56. this si the openig cutcene really i have see that manga comic sonic breaks really the fourt wall