UPDATE: ArchangelUK has posted it up on Sonic Wrecks, Sonic City Blognik and SEGA Europe’s YouTube Channel now. Thanks bud 😉 /UPDATE END

Just a quick heads up, SEGA Europe and SEGA Australia have posted up a new trailer for Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing showcasing alot of the character rosters All Star Moves including some we’ve never seen before. You also get a glimpse at a wide variety of the tracks too.

You can check out the trailer at the games official sites:
SEGA Europe ASR site
SEGA Australia ASR site

Thanks to BlueHedgehog92 over at the SSMB for bringing this to our attention.

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7 Responses to New ASR All Star Moves Trailer

  1. Knuckles gildes! But how does that use the Master Emerald?

  2. Its up on Wrecks now (http://www.sonicwrecks.com/depository/watch-the-new-all-star-move-trailer-here)
    and will be appearing on the SEGA Europe Youtube momentarily.

  3. BlueHedgehog92 says:

    You’re welcome 😀

  4. Sinister Swiss says:

    @knuxtaben: I think he smashes it on the ground or something to make everyone on the ground spin out from the force…couln’t really tell from the demo. 😛

  5. Nice one. :)
    I like Eggman’s. Sonic’s is the best one, of course. Why is Knuckles’ just gliding? There’s probably more to it.

  6. Lunar_Sonic96 says:

    Knuckle pic on the allstar is a master emerald but hes gliding…>WEAK Weres that emerald power.Heck his allstar move should summon and ride chaos xxD

  7. Whatever happened to Super Knuckles?