UPDATE: We’ve picked up a copy of the magazine and we can reveal all 4 console versions are reviewed. The Xbox 360 & PS3 versions earned an awesome review score of 83% with the summary “The best kart racer on 360 and PS3, but not quite the Mario Kart-beater we’d hoped for.”, Wii version got 83% and DS version 70%. GamesMaster gave Mario Kart Wii a 91% so there’s not much difference, they are still great scores.

Anyone looking to pick up the magazine with their favourite character’s cover be warned, you don’t get a choice due to the stupid outer plastic bag which teases the 12 covers on the back saying “Which SEGA All-Star have you got?” /UPDATE END

To kick off Hedgehog Day ArchangelUK has exclusively revealed over at Sonic Wrecks that UK gaming magazine GamesMaster are going to have the first review for Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing in their new issue out today. As you can tell from the picture the magazine is celebrating the release of the game by giving readers the choice of 12 different covers with a different one of the games playable characters on each.

We’ll be picking up a copy first thing in the morning and report back on the review score but as always for the full review you’ll of course have to pick up a copy of the magazine or else we’ll have a call from GamesMaster’s lawyers.

Which cover will you be picking up? Let us know in the comments.

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29 Responses to [UPDATE, Scores Are In]First ASR Review In Todays GamesMaster Magazine

  1. Tails or Samba are what I would grab, were I in the UK.

  2. haha I bet a few people will be confused to see Banjo & Kazooie on a special cover for ASR
    Maybe I’ll buy one, it’s been a while since I read GM

  3. Woah woah woah woah woah is Shadow smiling?! That’s a first.

  4. If I read gaming mags or lived in the uk I’d get bigs.

    Back to playin 06

  5. I’d get the Big the Cat one fo sho. Its one of those monumental moments where he’ll probably never get a front-cover all to himself ever again. lol

  6. Jix Hedgehog says:

    Depends what would be available I suppose.. I’d get an Alex Kidd cover but I’d settle for Sonic, Shadow or Ryo

    Just a couple of weeks to go :)

  7. Golden~Hedgy says:

    If these magazines ever came to the U.S…I’m getting Shadow 😛

  8. BIG

  9. I’m going to assume then, seeing that they’ve gone to the trouble to make not one but twelve covers for the game, that the review is going to be rather positive?

  10. @ Hudson

    Not the first time Shadow has smiled. in Olympic Winter Games he smiles when he does well in an event :) Boy he sure has softened up over the years.

  11. Wave Kusanagi says:


    Oh for the love of God, would you people give it a rest already? >_>

    We’ve seen Shadow smile PLENTY of times now, and even be pretty kind or softhearted. Enough with the “emo” bullshit already. It got old years ago.

  12. Supersonic19951 says:

    I have seen shadow smile before in Winter Olympics when he wins it looks un-natural

  13. BoyleVoices says:

    Not a bad score at all…Well, just a few more weeks.

  14. Brianzilla2004 says:

    Considering I DESPISE Mario Kart’s sliding mechanic, I’d imagine I’ll be enjoying this more than any Mario Kart.

  15. Lunar_Sonic says:

    @ Hudson
    Thats a sign of the apocolypse.Next thing ya know Sonic an Amy will go all the way O-e
    Dear lord dont repeat SBK ending *shudders*

  16. Ristar for DLC now !!!

  17. good work sumo.
    but still waiting for the demo

  18. TheMainEvent says:

    these are the best scores Sonic games have gotten in a while !!

  19. *waits for IGN to give this great awesome best sega racing game ever a low score since they hate sonic :( *

  20. It’s about time a Sonic console game got an 8 out of 10 from a magazine

  21. They’re obviously being payed by Nintendo to rate it lower than Mario Kart… *shot*

  22. Mario kart wii was shit, it took no skill at all, the DS version is the one to try and beat. that one, was the shit. It would not take much to beat mario kart wii, these guys just can’t let go

  23. 8.3/10 isn’t bad at all! I tough it would be maybe….6. But that’ good! IMO!XD

  24. COngratulations to Sumo for their awesome work, hope you get more good reviews and awesome sales, you deserve it 😉

  25. I’ll be pretty pissed off if the magazine comes in one of those bags where you can’t see the cover, and the cover you get is completely random. As for me, I just want all the Sonic related covers (Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Big, and Eggman)

  26. …I should REALLY read the whole article before posting >_<

  27. Alex Kidd looks pretty cool!

  28. I ended up with the banjo cover, gutted as im getting the ps3 version! I wanted Ryo.

  29. I think I will buy the Sonic & SEGA all-star racing game
    Becous of Banjo 😀