European PS3 Sonic Unleashed owners can now download the Apotos & Shamar Adventure Pack from the Playstation Store for £2.39. If you didn’t catch our news story on the Xbox Live release of the content then here are the contents of the pack again:

Shamar consists of
Act 1-2: Get to the goal in time!
Act 3: Find the Chao!

Act 2: Head for the goal
Act 3: Head for the goal!

Apotos consists of
Act 1-2: Head for the goal!
Act 2-2: Head for the goal!
Act 4: Head for the goal!

Act 1-2: Head for the goal!
Act 1-3 Head for the goal!

The U.S. Playstation Store hasn’t received the pack this week, we’ll keep an eye out for it in next weeks update and let you know if it appears.

In other Unleashed DLC news SEGA Europe still haven’t released the Mazuri Adventure Pack on the European Playstation Store breaking the pattern that was mirroring Xbox Live’s Adventure Pack releases since the Mazuri Adventure Pack was the fourth pack released on Xbox Live before the Apotos & Shamar Adventure Pack. We’ll let you know if and when the Mazuri Adventure Pack is released on the European Playstation Store.

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