Are you Sonic mad? Are you an Oil Baron? Then you might consider getting yourself this set of wheels, as it’ll be unlikely you’ll see another for a long time! Yes, you’re eyes do not deceive you; on Yahoo! Japan auctions, someone is selling an original Sonic Waku Waku Patrol Car. For a mere 900,000 Yen (about $1,100 or £750) you too can hunt down Dr. Eggman and prevent him from causing more traffic offenses.

For those of your tilting your head in wonderment at what this fantastic contraption is, allow me to explain: this was an arcade machine that featured almost exclusively in Japan; apparently even now there are still some in use in various theme parks across the Middle East. The idea of the game was that you drove around a city in a police car, in pursuit of Eggy himself, occasionally stopping to allow Flickies to cross the road.

If you do fancy having a look at the auction, follow this link.

According to the auction it’s still functional! However, you can only pick it up in person and it will require 6 people to move it.

So, phone your friends, sell your family heirlooms, and get going on your freighter to Japan!!!

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6 Responses to Buying a Classic Car, Sonic Style

  1. Oh nice, this is a bit of a rarity! =) Although I don’t think I have the coin to take it with me via ship, unless I did a Ryo Hazuki or something…. I’ll start working at the docks immediately.

  2. Give me a tip when they might put sega sonic arcade on auction.

  3. That’s awesome.. too bad there’s no way I can get it. Cheers to the lucky person who does.

  4. I saw this ride and Cosmo Fighter at a mall back home in Australia 8 – 9 years ago.
    Everyone was giving me the look.. can’t blame ’em.. a high school student squeezed into them 😛
    Unfortunately this one was out of order.
    They disappeared but I saw them again at Sega World Australia 3 – 4 years after that

  5. HOLAS: ™

    for some reason that car reminds me this picture…

    i could be doing that for hours xD

  6. Now THAT’S my dream car. I wanna pick up some chiqs in that thing.